Sunday 22 July 2007

The Choir of Hard Knocks

As I sit here reading through my emails and favourite blogs, I 'm listening to the CD from The Choir of Hard Knocks. I watched the series on the ABC last month (or was it the month before?), and saw the report about them on Sixty Minutes last Sunday.

Am I here to promote a TV show or a CD? No! It's just as I listen to this CD I can see the faces of the people that sang on it from the TV show and it reminds me why I knit. Not just 'homeless' or 'disadvantaged' - but real people with talents and abilities just like the rest of us, who've had some hard knocks that many of us have not known!

It's amazing how the meaning of the words of well-known songs change when sung by these people. For example, "This is Why We Sing" [Greg Gilpin]:
Sooth a soul
Mend a heart
Bring together lives that have been torn apart
Share the joy
Find a friend
Is a never ending gift that circles back again

This is why we sing
Why we lift our voice
Why we stand as one in harmony
This is why we sing
Why we lift our voice take my hand and sing with me

Music builds a bridge
It can tear down a wall
Music is a language
That can speak to one and all

So I keep knitting - there are real people out their needing my help and, while stitching, I remember to count my blessings. There, but for the grace of God, go I.


  1. I watched the series too. It was so powerful. I heard a couple of the choir members on the radio the other morning and they were talking about how it has changed their lives. If only more of us could think of ways to make a difference!

    Thanks for the link.

  2. I've been meaning to buy this CD. Thanks for the reminder. Some very powerful stuff in that documentary. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It even taught me to like a Cold Chisel song!

  3. a lovely, thought provoking song.

  4. As you probably know, I would never say "There but for the grace of God, go I" but I entirely agree with your sentiments. Break up of family, maybe mental health problems, addictions, and so often you're on your own. It could happen to any of us. By knitting you're showing people that no only do you care, but it helps give them back some self-respect.


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