Saturday 3 February 2007

My yarn is not stash - it's a collection!

On the Stashalong blog, I found a link to a great article on Knitty about yarn as a collection. That's me! While we were watching Collectors some months ago, my daughter turned to me and said, "I know what you collect, mum - yarn".

She's absolutely right. Some I've bought with a specific project in mind, some I've bought because it was a bargain and some I've just bought because I love the yarn. I don't need to know what I'm going to use it for - as all you knitters know, one day it will tell me what it wants to be! And the bargain yarn can always be knitted into something useful to be given away to a worthwhile charity.

Anyway, I'm an artist - I don't ask why I need the colour before I buy a pastel (or six), I just know I need more darks, or reds, or whatever. So it is with my yarn collection!

So why am I participating in Stashalong? Because my projects are often big, like my wraps (afghans) for Wrap with Love. While I'm knitting them, I think of a new project and I get so excited I just have to cast on. Soon I find I have so many projects on the needles that I'm getting nowhere fast! So I've committed to not casting on any more projects till I've finished at least five on my list (see sidebar).

Worse than that, I am was a notorious non-finisher, the knitting may complete but then there's seams to do and all those horrible little ends to sew in. I'm a colour knitter and I do weave in the ends as I go but I often make then too short and they wind their way out again so I have to go back and sew them in anyway!Hence my membership of February is for Finishing.

Being a member of both of these KALs is both a blessing and a curse. :-) It's a blessing to be connected with like-minded people; it's a curse because I have never been interested in knitting either socks or lace, but seeing what other people knit has made me want to try both! Of course, having never knitted either, I have no lace yarn or sock yarn, so I will have to buy some! But, first I have to finish the projects on that list.

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