Sunday 21 January 2007

WIP #2 completed

I finished Wrap #1 last night - 6 days ahead of schedule! Woo-hoo!! A great deal of thanks to the Australian Open Tennis Tournament. However, sad to say, my constant presence in front of the tv was not enough to get the Australian players into the finals! ;-)

Here it is - 2007 FO #2:

Here is a close up:

And here is the detail of one diamond which were included to keep me interested with all those rows of garter stitch.

I am building quite a collection for "Wrap with Love" (see sidebar) - when I have finished the other two wraps in my WIP list I will send them off so they can be used by people who really need them!

And... here are my next two projects: one to knit when the family is around, and one that requires concentration.

If you look closely, you can see the diamond pattern on this strip (which shows that it was originally part of the previously mentioned FO)
This is the front (or the back) of the top which I am making from Cotton Kandy, a yarn I first knitted in the 80s.
Needless to say this yarn is not available anymore! The garment I originally made was a sleeveless top on oversized needles. Now I'm older more mature, I want a top with sleeves so I have supplemented my 350g of Cotton Kandy with some 4ply (fingering) cotton - two strands, a soft yellow and a creamy white. These swatch differently so I am knitting two rows CK (size 6.00mm - US 10 - needles) and then 2 rows of the double stranded cotton (Size 4.50mm - US 7 - needles), increasing one stitch in every 15 (and of course decreasing one stitch in every 16 when I return to CK).

I am knitting without a pattern, and am now up to the armhole so I have to decrease at the same time as remembering to swap needles and increase/decrease. Hence the need for concentration. This garment is lovely and soft to knit after months working with acrylic. I think it will be heavy and too hot to wear in summer but we shall see...


  1. The wrap looks amazing! Fab job!

  2. this wrap is also great! i love the colors you chose.

  3. I think your wraps look fab-u-los!! The 'candy' colours are simply wonderful!


    PS - I'll be adding you to the Knit1BlogToo Ring soon. I've had some problems with spambots since before Christmas and it's hard to keep track of who's legit and who's a spammer. I'll be in touch again by mail shortly.

    Best wishes....Bernie


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