Tuesday, 30 December 2008

..and a partridge in a pear tree

Well, not exactly. But those two words might appear here:

This was a surprise present from WM - I mentioned in passing through Kinokuniya on 18th December that it looked interesting and I unwrapped it on Christmas morning. Don't you love it when hints are taken so well?

The other thing he gave me was a brand new wool winder!

DD and SIL2B gave us a book on property investment and a gift voucher from the local Christian bookstore. Who needs partridges or pear trees when five and a half books books, a gift voucher and a wool winder will keep me out of trouble, if not out of yarn or book stores? LOL


  1. I , too, am an appreciater of words.......wool and words -what a great combination! Glad for you1

  2. Wondering if DD and SIL2B are hinting at something.... ;)

    Well done on your Xmas pressies. Wish hints were taken in this place.

  3. Ooh! That *does* look like a great book -- let us know how you like it :)


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