Wednesday 31 December 2008

2008 "firsts" in knitting and crocheting

So, the end of another year. What have I achieved, apart from my list of FOs which can be seen in the side bar?

These are my firsts for this year [in no particular order]:
  • learnt to do entrelac - both straight and bias
  • learnt to knit and purl 'backwards' - i.e. left to right
  • learnt how to do invisible cast-on
  • knitted several teddies with shaped heads
  • made my first garment from Elizabeth Zimmerman - a pair of mittens
  • knitted and completed a Tomten
  • inserted my first zipper
  • knitted a Baby Surprise Jacket
  • completed a beret
  • knitted a spiral scarf
  • knitted toe-up socks
  • knitted with Knitpicks Options circular needles
  • knitted with Knitpicks double pointed needles - "slippery little suckers"
  • knitted with Knitpicks Harmony circular needles
  • knitted with lace weight
  • used a lifeline
  • designed and knitted several ponchos on circular needles
  • designed an adult's cardigan which was then knitted sideways
  • bought my first wool winder - it's in constant use
  • dyed acrylic yarn - about three kilograms all up
  • went to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show
  • went to Australian Country Spinners Mill Shop
  • went to Bendigo Woollen Mill shop
  • went to Nundle Woollen Mill - twice
  • bought something at Tapestry Craft [now Morris and Sons]
  • coordinated a Charity of the Month [CotM] for Knit4Charities
  • taught my first workshop at the Knitters' Guild - intarsia
  • taught DD to purl
  • taught DD to read a knitting pattern
  • taught my WM to knit
  • crocheted a rug in one piece
  • crocheted a blanket made entirely of granny squares
  • crocheted a picot edge
  • crocheted a shell edge
  • followed a crochet pattern
  • crocheted a lace square
  • crocheted a hexagon
  • crocheted motifs together 'as I went'
  • 'wrote' a theme song

Not to mention several ways I found that things didn't work!

What are your achievements this year?


  1. What an amazing list! I haven't sat down to really think about my year in retrospect yet, but you've definitely inspired me :)

  2. Amazing list-do you need a rest or are you ready to hit 2009 running!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. fairly impressive list there Lynne
    - coming to Bendy again this year ?

  4. What a great list of achievements, it looks so impressing listed like that. You may have many of us doing the same at the end of this year. Well done and bravo.


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