Tuesday 26 November 2013

quilts that went …

On Friday, a group of ladies from Caring Hearts Community Quilters and my WM gathered at our founder’s house to photograph, fold and pack 72 quilts to go to high school students (aged 12 to18) who lost everything in the recent bushfires.


That’s our founder, second from the right.

WM was kept busy on the back patio taking photo after photo while one or two women held the quilts up for him, and the ladies inside worked tireless in sorting quilts, packing quilts, collating packed quilts, attaching missing labels, sewing in or removing hanging threads, etc.

Most of the quilts were donated, less than half were  actually made by our group. What a wonderful crafting community! I’ve put some of the quilts in these photos; I’m sure you didn’t want to see all 72!

DB224783 DB224786 DB224789

DB224794 DB224798 DB224804

DB224809 DB224824 DB224825

DB224832 DB224838 DB224846

And, just because I can, a gratuitous photo of Younger Grandson enjoying spaghetti for dinner!

2013-11-22 enjoying spaghetti


  1. Those quilts look great and will certainly be much appreciated. I had forgotten just how messy eating spaghetti can be for little one! He is adorable.

  2. Incredible haul....so nice to have many hands to get them all packed up! Love the pasta f ace-very kissable!

  3. Looks like you had some great quilts for the high school students. Your group does great work.

  4. Such beautiful quilts! The kids will love them. Such a tragic event in their young lives.
    Cute spaghetti eater. Just look at that smile. Brings back memories of my children when they were tots eating spaghetti.

  5. 72 quilts! that is awesome. such a bunch of very generous quilters.

  6. What a wonderful group of quilters.

    Love that spaghetti face!

  7. Beautiful quilts! Well done... and who can resist spaghetti all over. What fun!!

  8. Fabulous quilts!! And it looks like he REALLY enjoyed his spaghetti dinner:)

  9. They are absolutely amazing!! I love the butterfly one!!


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