Saturday 31 August 2013

two bags full

I’m joining the linky party at SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge – for the first time this year!

Nothing like waiting till the last day of the eighth month to show up for a party that’s been going all year!

Inspired by Jess, at Quilty Habit, who made a rainbow wedding quilt of Dresden plates, I have finally come up with a way to set my heart blocks into a quilt.

Inspired by Deb, of A Simple Life Quilts, who has just finished a scrappy chevron flimsy, I am trying to get into the habit of using leaders and enders.

Inspired by Lori, of Bee In My Bonnet, who recently wrote a post detailing how she manages her scraps, I have decided to cut the scraps for the colour of the month (Rainbow Scrap Challenge; aka RSC) into 2.5” squares and keep them in a basket near my computer – that way I might remember to use leaders and/or enders instead of just whipping my current run of stitching out of the sewing machine.

On Friday, encouraged by WM, I got so inspired by my idea and my relatively tidy sewing room, that I turned one lonely red (the colour for August) heart block into this block, from 6” to 10” square:

2013 red block with border

But I couldn’t stop there; I turned two pink blocks into these:

2013 pink blocks with borders

Pink was the colour for January -- I’m just a little late to the party! But it was the next colour in my pile of heart blocks, which are ordered the way my scrap bins are ordered!

This has now become my number one project – so I guess it’s not really a leader/ender project any more!

Last night, while WM watched two games of football (rugby league), I spent three hours sorting scraps given to me by various people plus the leftovers of “recent” (ahem) projects (Ah, yes, I am a procrastinator, why do you ask?).

Two bags full of scraps in fact. Tom (full name: Tomodachi – Japanese for “friend”) thought he should check it out before I started. (Sorry about the night photos but it was then or never!)

two bags full but no cat two bags full

I couldn’t take photos at midnight so this morning I woke to a lounge room floor that looked like this:

donated scraps winter 2013

Those are abandoned blocks on the lounge. The pile right in front of the lounge is brights/moderns. The pile to the left of that is novelty fabrics. The pile at the end of the lounge is florals. The rest of the piles are sorted by colour.  (Don't worry, the lounge room was cleared soon after this photo was taken!)

All this sorting and block-making must mean I’m back into quilting.

And four posts in the last week (with more planned) must mean I’m back into blogging.

Now if someone could just wave a magic wand over my knitting needles…


  1. Saw your comment on Angela's RSC link and came out to see. Love your heart blocks with the scrappy border. Those leader and enders do tend to become the main project very quickly! Lucky you to have so many fun scraps to play with. Enjoy.
    Check and see if your pop ups is allowed or not. Might be the issue with the link up.

  2. Your hearts are super cute!

    Don't worry about joining late in the year... There is always next year, and scraps multiply like rabbits, so you'll have plenty to use!

  3. Those hearts turned out great. Your scrap piles resemble a lot of others, so now you can get to the sewing. Sending sparkly pixie dust your way and hope it helps!

  4. That's exactly how I got started with the Dresden quilt - RSC. Those scrap piles - I could eat them up! The hearts are fantastic - can't wait to see more!

  5. I've been tempted all year too. Your blocks are fabulous!! I can't wait to see all of the other colors.

  6. Yippee to both! I love the new blocks; it will be a great quilt with the rainbow blocks!

  7. Woo Hoo... let's go to town on those scraps! Really cute blocks.

  8. Your material collection looks like my wool collection. I love the dark red block. I've just made a blouse in that colour and will blog about it soon.

  9. Hehe :) I'm no help with the knitting needles activation, but I *love* your heart blocks. :D

  10. That's how I started managing my scraps. And my 2.5" collection. If only I could get serious with a enders and leaders project. I love, love your hearts! I want to do a rainbow heart quilt next year, too.
    Never too late to come to a rainbow challenge party :D

  11. Better late than never is what I say! Lovely heart blocks. Would be good for next years rsc!

  12. Love the heart blocks! You did great on organizing your scraps. Why is it organizing stuff means making a mess first?

  13. I am also really late to the party. Had I thought of this my Bonnie Hunter Spool leader and enders would be in Rainbows! LOL now to sort what I did cut out and see where I am lacking!!!
    Aileen in Florida

  14. Welcome to the RSC Lynne! I've been joining in for 2 years now and it's the most fun I have every month! Love your heart blocks!!!

  15. I think you officially have more scraps than I do. Of course, I've been getting rid of mine (or trying to, when they aren't secretly breeding) for the past 4 years!


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