Tuesday, 27 August 2013

stitching with a machine

What's that? Oh yes, I’m procrastinating! I should be moving fabric back into the sewing room but this easier. But as soon as I’m done here, I’ll get to it!

I haven’t done any sewing at home in weeks but I have taken my sewing machine to class on the last two Mondays. That means I am back to working on my “Sampler Blocks”. It takes about three hours in class to complete one of these 12.5” blocks – that is: pressing, cutting, piecing, pressing, piecing, pressing, piecing, pressing. It sounds like a long time but in between there is chatting, consultation with the teacher, chatting, a cup of tea, chatting, goodies to eat, chatting, moving around a cramped classroom, chatting… well, you get the picture.

I’m not sure which, if any, of these blocks I have shown before so here are the five I have completed since (ahem) the beginning of the year. Of course I’ve been working on other things – a fair bit of hand piecing, making my project bag, basting and binding the Earth and Sky Quilt; to name a few. After all, how many of you work on only one project at a time? :-)

So here they are, in the order I made them (I think)

1 Domino
Oregon Trail
2 Oregon Trail
Cajun Spice
3 Cajun Spice
4 Pathways
Blocks and Star
5 Blocks and Star
I think I’d like to see "Pathways" as a whole quilt.

Do you have a favourite?


  1. They are all amazing but my favourite is Cajun Spice.

  2. I think I like blocks and star best, no idea why :-)

  3. I like pathways best because it would have a great second design running through the finished quilt! Very nice work! And you are stitching!!!! Yay! (So , did you go and work on emptying the pile?!)

  4. Love those blocks! My favourite would be Pathways I think...the fabrics that you used are gorgeous.

  5. Your blocks are lovely Lynne. I have 2 favourites....Cajun Spice & Pathways. I agree that Pathways would make a great whole quilt :)


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