Friday, 7 June 2013

2013: The Year of the Finished Project -- June edition

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

Just a short post from me this month as I'm still away on vacation.

May went by for me in a blur of renovations and travelling!

There certainly doesn't seem to have been much crafting.

I didn't finish anything from my goal list so there's no point in me publishing it here.

I started a pair of bed socks I had no intention of knitting but my mum asked me to knit a pair for her neighbour's birthday present so start them I did.

I cut out about 200 x 4" squares to do some hand-piecing while on our travels -- in the twelve days we've been away, I've either knitted those bed socks or been too busy/tired to craft! But I have a three day train trip looming so there should be some hand-sewing time then!

My June list looks like this:
  1. Bed Socks for Beulah -- finish
  2. Blanket for Emily -- finish
  3. cardigan for me -- knit sleeves
  4. bind the Earth and Sky quilt
  5. add border to Scrappy Log Cabin quilt
  6. finish Hexagon Project Bag

What about you? What did you achieve in May? What goals do you have in June?

Don't forget to enter the URL of your blog post -- not just your blog URL, thanks.

Good luck with your goals, see you here soon after I return from my vacation!


  1. Have safe travels home :)

  2. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Not getting a lot done in the craft room is excusable when on vacation! Glad you are getting a bit of knitting done but most of all, I hope you are resting and recovering!

  4. Vacations are great! I'm a little too late to sign onto your UFO project, but I am participating in Woolie Mammoth's, so there's much progress on that front! I'm also in the middle of a major stashdown/purging of household "size" in preparation for a move to smaller quarters, so some of my UFOs (especially knitted ones) have traveled to the frog pond.

  5. I think your travels and visits have been pretty wonderful for you this month. And a very good excuse for not crafting :) Hope your train trip was wonderful.


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