Monday 13 May 2013

Happy Mothers’ Day weekend

WM and I arrived home at 8:45pm yesterday, exhausted but happy.

We had a great trip north; we left home at around 3pm and arrived at our motel in Quirindi at 8pm after stopping for a meal at a truck stop in Murrurundi.

We had FaceTime with our DD and grandsons on Friday morning (hurrah for accommodation establishments that have free wi-fi) and arrived at my niece’s place just after 9am. Baby Emily (then seventeen days old) was happy to cuddle with us and WM took quite a few photos. Here’s one of them.
2013-05-10 Emily
After staying longer than we intended, we met my sister for lunch in Tamworth before travelling to Bingara where my mum lives, a total distance from home to mum’s of 560km (according to Google Maps). Here’s the map of our route.
Saturday was the most exciting day. We travelled east towards the coast to a town called Glen Innes where there is a monument of Standing Stones to the Celtic people who helped establish this country. At the monument there is a fully fenced playground and picnic table – and it is here that we met up with DD and the Grandsons for a picnic and some much needed cuddle time! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, DD, it was a great idea and a fabulous Mothers' Day present!

The map below shows the route we took to drive 142km (88 miles). The circle on the right is the town where DD, SIL and the Grandsons now live. As you can see, DD had a slightly further drive than we did – but she had to do it alone (SIL was working) with two toddlers.
map showing woolgoolga
Here are some photos of our day (including a very rare one of me with Older Grandson)!
2013-05-11 mum at Standing Stones2013-05-11Benjamin exploring2013-05-11 OG and YG dancing2013-05-11 Ben and Excalibur2013-05-11 OG and Grandmum2013-05-11 exploring the stones2013-05-11 Ben and Daniel explore2013-05-11 DD and YG2013-05-11 Daniel on slide2013-05-11 Grandad and Daniel on the slide2013-05-11 Ben and Daniel explore the forest
On Sunday we had FaceTime again with DD and the Grandboys then took mum out to lunch before making the long trip home.

Seeing DD and the Grandsons made the trip extra-worthwhile and has lifted a sadness that I was growing tired of carrying! I hope it will keep me smiling till we see them again in July!

I hope you had a happy Mothers’ Day weekend too!


  1. Yes! You will appreciate these impromptu 'visits' more and more! Glad you had a good trip and no surprises in weather conditions!

  2. That's quite a trip. Love the pictures of you and your grandsons. What a nice mom's day present.

  3. That sounds like so much fun.

  4. It sounds like a perfect trip. The boys are adorable.

  5. It seems you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift...time with those boys! I am sure that makes the long trip seem more a joy than the trek it was.

  7. What a wonderful day!!! Everyone looks sooo happy:)

  8. Awww, great pictures! Glad you had such a wonderful time. Happy Mother's Day!

  9. How wonderful for you! Looks like it was fun. My sister lives in Armidale. I see it on your map and it looks like you skirted right around it.

  10. A wonderful and amazing journey! I loved the photos and the maps of your route. It helped place it all in my mind for truly understanding it all. Oh, I am so happy to even see photos of, there is a face to go with the heart and spirit. And all of you is is your daughter and littles. Your heart is opening to the loss and light and spirit filled grace will come in as the balm for your soul. Such love you carry and it is your huge gift to them all, no...doing what is so hard so they can have a better life for now. I loved this post so much. Big hug@@@

  11. What a wonderful trip Lynne, I love a road trip, especially one with family visits! I hope that smile lasts you well :-)


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