Sunday, 21 April 2013

finished flimsy

I had hoped to have my Earth and Sky quilt completely finished for the “Airing” last weekend but it was not to be.

On Monday I added the inner border to the flimsy. It’s in “sand” coloured homespun so there’s nothing really to show.

I had just half a metre of the fabric I chose for the outer border. I thought it would be enough. I measured, checked, measured again. I calculated. I measured again – half a metre didn’t seem like much but I thought I’d get away with it.
2013 outer border fabric
I cut 4.25” strips – I didn’t have enough for 4.5 which would have been my original choice but 4.25 was enough. I attached the top and bottom border. I pinned the side border…
…and it was two inches short!

How could this be? I has measured and calculated and measured again before I cut.

But, of course, I had measure the width and length of the flimsy as it was (that is, including inner border). I didn’t calculate the extra 4” of length that the top and bottom outer borders added!

You know, I think cornerstone blocks were invented for just such a reason! Winking smile

So it was time to go back to the group’s stash to find the right fabric for the job.
2013 corner stone block
I cut the cornerstones and added one to each end of the border.

Then I realised that I needed to take off the excess border fabric so the cornerstone would fall in exactly the right place!

Things are often not as easy as they first appear but at last ….

…the Earth and Sky flimsy is done!
2013 finished flimsy
Of course, every flimsy needs a backing before it can become a quilt.

The fabric I have chosen is striped and, naturally, isn’t wide enough. I don’t want to match stripes so I had lunch and thought about how to widen that fabric with a panel.

This is what I came up with.
2013 backing not out of focus
I know the photo looks out of focus but it isn’t; it’s just the way the camera captures those stripes.

They really look like this:
2013 backing close up
The thin blue stripe going up both sides of the centre panel is a blue on blue random line check.
2013 thin blue stripe is a blue on blue check
On Monday, before class, I will take advantage of the big table in the classroom to get this quilt basted!

My Saturday was swallowed up in cleaning as well as getting a quote from a painter and showing a property manager through DD’s former home. Sunday will involve church, a fellowship lunch and probably more cleaning in the afternoon.

How’s your weekend shaping up?


  1. I think the dark corners look great and the backing looks as good as the front. Lovely.

  2. That is a beautiful "flimsy"! Really neat back to go with!

  3. We have all been 'inspired' for corner blocks for the same reason! Nice recovery. You got the top and backing done; great accomplishment!

  4. I actually think the dark cornerstones pull out the dark strips in the quilt top, Lynne. Great job of recovery!

  5. That flimsy looks great and I like the backing.

  6. I think it looks great. The cornerstones go with the dark fabrics in the quilt. Well done. Fun backing too.

  7. I hate it when that happens! You solved it brilliantly. Congrats on the finished flimsy, it turned out beautifully.


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