Thursday 4 April 2013

2013: The Year of the Finished Project – April

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

I'm also linking this post with Carrie's Nothing But UFOs in 2013 (although I will be working on things other than UFOs) and Thearica’s April To-Do List.

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March was less than successful for me in terms of reaching my stitching goals.

Perhaps it was all that extra time I spent over at DD's house helping get it ready for the rental market.

Perhaps it was all the extra time I spent with my grandsons who are the loves of my life (apart from WM and DD, of course). 

Perhaps it was my sadness that sent me into the fictional world of romantic novels (by Christian authors -- the worldly stuff is just too erotic for me) for hour upon hour.

Nonetheless, I did have one finish -- albeit a very small one.

2013 #1 finished

And I came close with another one --  three days before the end of the month I had only to cut the binding, attach it and sew it down. But it was Easter and I chose not to sew but to spend my long weekend with family -- a day for us (WM and I), two days working at DD's house, and a fun Easter Sunday filled with family.

Scrappy Strings close up

So my April list looks almost identical to my March list.

  1. Earth and Sky quilt – WIP – at this stage, an unfinished flimsy
  2. Scrappy Log Cabin quilt – UFO –  at this stage, an unfinished flimsy
  3. Scrappy Strings II quilt – WIP – needs binding
  4. at least one quilt for Blankets With Love – my new project for April
  5. Westall cardigan – WIP – finish ribbing, knit sleeves
  6. hexagon project bag – WIP – my “slow stitching” project

What about you?
How did you go with your March goals?
What plans do you have for April?

Link up here so we can all see your progress.


  1. Small bits for me this month. And any finish is I was told! Thanks for hosting this as it is such a good motivator.

  2. Well you certainly had good reasons not to be in your sewing room. Maybe this month you will reach some goals. good luck.

  3. Some months, sewing just takes a back seat. You definitely had other things going on in your life that required your attention. Good luck with your April goals.

  4. I am finding it difficult to be motivated right now, its odd as I had some time off over the last week and could have done loads, but I did not sew a stitch, I did have some time with the kids though !

  5. Love your scrappy string blocks... thank you for hosting such fun party! All the best with your April goals...:)

  6. Good luck on your list for April! and thank you so much for linking up and including a shout out for the Monthly To Do List Linky Party. :)

  7. It's going to be a great month for you to accomplish many goals!

  8. A finish is one less UFO so it is all good :)

  9. My wedding quilt is finally pieced and shipped for quilting. Happy dance day:)

  10. Good luck crossing some more off the list next month.

  11. Well you had good excuses anyway!! Particularly spending time with the grandchildren. Heck, I'm still working on my December Daily in my scrapbooking, by this rate I'll never finish 2012!! ha.

  12. Sometimes quilting takes a back seat to other things... I hope things get easier for you regarding the move. I like to lose myself in good books to take my mind elsewhere too.

  13. I'm late linking up but my sewing is moving along!!


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