Saturday, 2 February 2013

a month of UFOs?

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

For those who are participating in 2013: The Year of the Finished Project, don’t panic – your post is not due until the first Thursday of the month: that is, February 7.

My blog friend, Carrie, of A Passion for Applique, is participating in 2013: The Year of the Finished Project, and has also invited me to participate in her linky party, Nothing but UFOs.

Nothing But UFOs in 2013

She asks for a list of three quilting-related UFOs that will be worked on this month. Last month I declined to participate because I didn’t have three (quilting) UFOs that I was working on. But this month I do – so I’m in!

Here’s my three:

  1. Surprise for Older Grandson who will be three on 17 February. I can’t say any more here, it’s a surprise!
  2. Scrappy Log Cabin quilt – I need to find some fabric for a border so I can proceed.
    2012 Scrappy Log Cabin with inner border
  3. I need to turn some (or all) of my 99 Rainbow Improv blocks into a quilt (or quilts). My goal is one completed quilt by the end of the month.
    2012 99 improv blocks

Want to join in? Then pop over to Carrie’s blog and sign up (oh, yeah, there’s a prize on offer!)

Come back on Thursday to see my full list for February, how I went with my January goals and to share your story!


  1. Nice progress-I like the zig zag quilt!

  2. Lovely...:)

    I signed up For the 2013 year of the finished project.

    I scored some beautiful quilting material for $1 at the opp shop there about 2 meters of it it a beautiful leaf pattern. I have no Idea what Im going to do with it but I couldn't leave it there. :)

  3. Oooh, those rainbow blocks will look so great together!

  4. Love your log cabin quilt. can't wait to see your grandson's surprise quilt. good luck accomplishing your goals.

  5. Your scrappy log cabin is so pretty - very comforting traditional look. Love those rainbow colors in the block stack. :D

  6. Ahhh, looks like you have your work cut out for you, esp. with a deadline, as in Goal #1!! Good luck!!

  7. Love the scrappy log cabin blocks. You have a full plate this month! Good luck.

  8. Now that I know I have 39 UFOs flying around I may have to join this linky party too :)


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