Wednesday 19 December 2012

works in progress (or not)

Warning: poor quality photos – I had to use my iPad because my camera batteries were all flat!
At the beginning of December, I published a list of my December WiPs. It looked like this:
  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt
  2. Christmas Tree wall-hanging
  3. Cardigan for Me
  4. Deb’s Diamond Blanket
  5. Merlot Toe Up Sock
  6. hexagon project bag
  7. Scrappy Rainbow improv quilt
Then came the fiasco which was my packing of craft activities for my week away.

But I did manage to finish the second Merlot Toe Up Sock while I was away. Not having my basic knitting tools with me meant that I had to wait to sew the ends in till I came home!
I also mentioned that I took my appliqué heart blocks away with me instead of the hexagon project bag that was on my original WiP list. With stitching time on the train, at embroidery class last week and sewing class this week, I have managed to finish the appliqué on the last few blocks (three of which are shown here).
The ten-hour travel time also gave me a chance to think about the setting of these blocks. I am going to try setting them alternately with the four patch blocks I have made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and use the Rainbow String blocks for a piano-key-style border. Well that's the theory anyway!

An incredibly busy and tiring week followed my return home – I am so tired that I don’t have the energy for most craft activities and so fall back to my good old stand-by: knitting.

I have done a little on the right front of my cardigan.
But this lace pattern, as easy as it is to memorise, requires concentration. I can’t knit it when there are people around!

And so, I have been working on the Drop Stitch Scarf I started while away. I don't really have to think, except to count the yarn overs in one row out of four.
The scarf is progressing quite quickly considering my lack of enthusiasm for this project – the acrylic yarn is not pleasant to work with!

And so my list now looks like this:
  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt (no progress)
  2. Christmas Tree wall-hanging (today’s project)
  3. Cardigan for Me (some progress)
  4. Deb’s Diamond Blanket replaced with Purple Dropped Stitch Scarf (much progress)
  5. Merlot Toe Up Sock (finished)
  6. hexagon project bag replaced with appliqué blocks (finished)
  7. Scrappy Rainbow improv quilt replaced with Scrappy Rainbow “hearts and four-patch” quilt
Just as well I realised at the beginning of the month that there was no way I was going to get all these finished by the end of the month. The list was supposed to focus my activities and, despite my swapping some projects for others, I have managed to stay focused and achieve some progress. At least I swapped and didn’t just add to the list – six or seven is the limit; after that I become overwhelmed!


  1. I have been enjoying your blog and wonder how I can get an email everytime you post a new blog. Is that possible? I always have a quilt or two on the go [and too many to number, WIP quilts] I do english paper piecing and just learning to quilt, so we have a lot in common. P.S. I live in Canada and it is winter - lots of snow and cold weather too.

  2. Love the colors in the Melot socks, very rich looking. Congrats on the finish. Looking forward to seeing the 9 patch/heart block quilt, great way to use up those scrap blocks.


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