Sunday, 23 December 2012

thinking about new projects in 2013

Last Saturday, Angela, host of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, at SoScrappy blog, published a post encouraging us to share our plans for the challenge in 2013. To be honest, although I’m pretty sure I will participate again, at that time I had no plans for next year in regards to rainbows or scraps or starting anything new!

Then on Wednesday, my friend, Debbie, over at Stitchin’ Therapy blog, posted about her goals for 2013. My first reaction was, “Whoa! I need to get through this month first”!

But, you know, my brain had already been thinking about next year. I had already decided that 2013 was the be The Year of the Finished Project.
Year of FP button

But I can’t work on UFOs all year, can I?

I’ve got to start some new projects. Really. I do!

And so I return to my friend Debbie’s enabling. She posted about Cat Patches’ 2013 New FO Challenge Linky Party and Giveaway.
I've linked this post to Barbara's latest post and giveaway.

Simply put, Barbara is encouraging us to start one new quilting project a month! She says, in a different post where she introduced the idea, “Just consider for a moment the state of bliss you'll achieve at all the new fabric you'll have an excuse to buy. “

Well frankly, even as a relatively new quilter, I don’t need to buy fabric. I have fabric here for projects – I just need to start them!

So, because Barbara has asked me to and I am ever helpful, here are some of the quilting projects I plan to start in 2013:

1. placemats for Grandsons
2012 monkeys for placemats
2. racing car quilts for Grandsons
2012 flannelette - race
3. I Spy Quilt for Grandsons
fabrics for I Spy quilt
4. Quilt from One Fabric
2011 one fabric quilt
5. Garden Fence Quilt – in 2011, I tried making one block and it didn’t work. I’ve got a bit more experience now but still need piecing practice.
2011 Garden Fence quilt block
6. embroidery quilt – these were donated to the Caring Hearts Community Quilters and I volunteered to turn them into a quilt
2012 embrouderies from Michelle Marvig
7. fleece animal blankies
2012 polar fleece for doggie blankets
I have almost no need to buy yarn for at least the next decade! So here are some of the knitting projects I plan to start in 2013:

1. black cardigan for me
2012 Moda Vera Willowy cardigan for me
2. knee warmers for me – yarn and pattern undecided
3. baby blanket for niece’s baby – yarn and pattern undecided

Have you started making plans for 2013?


  1. That looks like a pretty good list. I am not quite ready to commit yet . My only definite is the Christmas quilt.

  2. LOL...I did enable you, didn't I? Like the new project plans, especially the garden fence one. Rest assured I will be finishing some stuff this year.

  3. I too am calling next year as my finished projects year. I have over 50 of them I want done. I am also doing the start new ones too. I have told myself I have to finish at least 2 before I can start a new one. Lets see how well I do.

  4. I have a few projects I want to finish next year, too.
    And I'm looking forward to Angela's rainbow challenge next year. I have some ideas for a couple new rainbow quilts :D

  5. Since I had already decided that in 2013 I was going to finish 2 projects before I started a new one, I'm in! I had already started a separate page on my blog to list my UFOs, I think I'm up to 33 now. But, since I started the list in August I have finished 15! Thanks for setting up a place to be accountable to!

  6. Boy, that's some list! The only UFO I must get done is the one I started in 2011 for my daughter; it just needs quilting and binding. I do have ideas through for some of the fabrics in my stash - let's wait and see.

    Wishing you and yours a happy Christmas.

  7. No plans percolating in my brain yet. I need to get through the baby arrivals....and Christmas in January and then I will focus on the year ahead! My first project will be a Quilt for Kids donation-at least 6 will go out again next year-there I thought of something! :')

  8. You've got some cute projects in your list. Looking forward to seeing those in progress.

  9. Great projects. I'm so glad you'll be joining us!

  10. Gret idea! I'll have to think about what I need to work on. I especially love that idea of a one fabric quilt. Looking forward to seeing all of your progress!

  11. I love one-fabric quilts! They're so gorgeous in a Persian-rug kind of way. I have to ask: What are knee warmers?


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