Monday 31 December 2012

December and 2012 review

 During the second half of this year, I decided to focus my attention on a small number of projects (maximum 7) and not allow myself to be distracted by my UFOs or enticing new projects.

This is my progress during December which shows that I really do work best when I have a short list of projects to focus on!
  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt (finished)
  2. Christmas Tree wall-hanging (finished)
  3. Cardigan for Me (some progress)
  4. Purple Dropped Stitch Scarf (finished)
  5. Merlot Toe Up Sock (finished)
  6. appliqué blocks (finished)
  7. Scrappy Rainbow “hearts and four-patch” quilt (some progress)
I knew there was no way that I would have that cardigan or quilt finished in December; as long as I am making progress, I'm happy.

Here's the final photo of the Purple Dropped Stitch Scarf  -- taken before it was washed and dried to soften it up.
2012 purple dropped stitch scarf
Nitty-Gritty (for those who like such things)
yarn: Panda Magnum 8ply (DK) 100% acrylic; used all but two metres of the 310 in the skein!
purchased at H. Fay and Sons, Bingara
needles: 4.00mm Aero circulars (60cm long) - purchased at David Jones at least 30 years ago!
time taken: 14 days
length and width of scarf: 6" x 72"

The short "focus list" came into being after I published a list of twenty-six WiPs  -- some quilting, some knitting. That was June and I was overwhelmed by the number of things I was trying to work on.

I have come to realise that the longer I leave a project the less likely it is to get finished -- which I guess is probably true for everyone!

To keep it "short", this is a list of the UFOs and WiPs I carried into 2012, and the progress I made on them; plus the projects I started during 2012 which are not yet finished. I have not included the 55 projects I started and finished during 2012 (85% of them knitted).
  1. piano cross stitch (started 1995) – UFO
  2. Stealth Knitting Project (started January 2010) – UFO
  3. Ambassador of Love mittens (started March 2011) – UFO
  4. Country Houses Quilt (started May 2011) – UFO
  5. Lace Infinity Scarf (started June 2011) – frogged August 2012
  6. sideways baby jumper (started November 2011) – UFO
  7.  Safari Cloth Book (started November 2011) – finished October 2012
  8. curtains (started November 2011) – embarassingly -- UFO
  9. Scrappy Strings quilt (started November 2011)  – UFO
  10. Rainbow Scrap Challenge applique heart blocks (started October 2011) – finished December 2012
  11. Rainbow Scrap Challenge four patch blocks (started November 2011) – worked on the last couple of months, so a work in progress
  12. Rainbow Scrap Challenge nine patch blocks (started November 2011) – worked on the last couple of months so a work in progress
  13. Rainbow Scrap Challenge string blocks (started November 2011) – worked on the last couple of months so a work in progress
  14. Rainbow Scrap Challenge improv blocks (started November 2011) – worked on the last couple of months so a work in progress
  15. Rainbow Scrap Challenge Wonky Window blocks (started November 2011) – worked on the last couple of months so a work in progress
  16. purple Cocoon socks (started September 2011) – I can’t make up my mind whether to knit or frog – UFO
  17. soft blue socks (started September 2011) – finished July 2012
  18. Merlot toe up socks (started September 2011) – finished December 2012
  19. intarsia blanket (started November 2011) – finished November 2012
  20. Tina’s baby blanket (started January 2012) frogged July 2012
  21. Super Secret Project for Ben (started February 2012) UFO
  22. Dotty Bright (started April 2012)  – made it to the quilting frame but nothing ever happened – UFO
  23. Scrappy Log Cabin (started April 2012) – no action (only thought) since June – UFO
  24. sampler quilt (first block cut May 2012) – never really got off the ground so it’s not really a WiP or a UFO, in 2013 it will be like a new project!
  25. donated partial scrappy string quilt #1 (started May 2012) – UFO
  26. donated partial scrappy string quilt #2 – no longer exists, it has been reclaimed as scraps for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge – frogged November 2012
  27. hexagon project bag (started in September) – work in progress
  28. Deb’s Diamond blanket (started November 21) – work in progress
  29. Westall Cardigan (started 27 November) – work in progress

During 2012, I finished a total of 60 projects; three projects were frogged, one project never got started, eight remain works in progress and ten have slipped into being UFOs (I think six months without any action is long enough to call them unfinished objects)! 

That's twenty two projects being carried into the New Year! And twelve of those were started before 2012!

It's not a long list but, for the sake of my sanity, 2013 needs to be “The Year of the Finished Project”!Year of FP button


  1. It's not a bad list. Only one item older than 3 years, that's pretty good. There are a good number of finishes and lots of works in progress. I'll be joining you in those "focus" sessions as due to Cat Patches fun and decadent NewFO challenge, I started a lot more than was finished on 2012!

  2. i'm very much the same. Less is more. I am better on a short, focused list where i can have a sense of momentum and progress. You're doing well. That scarf is really very pretty.

  3. You do have a lot of UFOs, but you've done a lot this year, too! Also, really love the new blog layout (and the purple scarf!)

  4. Love that scarf.
    I am not even going to make a list of my UFOs. I am just going to pull them out as I finish a couple at a time. Good luck working on your list.

  5. Hi Lynne,
    I think you should be pretty proud of yourself for all that you have made and the steady work you are doing towards finishing the others. Well done!! I do love that scarf, it is a lovely design indeed.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Your scarf is beautiful... Love the color and the pattern! Good luck with your UFOs.

  7. Wow! You've done well, Lynne (and I really love that scarf!). It's brave of you to list your WIPs and UFOs - I was only game enough to reveal my finishes. There are just soooo many of the others :-) How I wish for finishes in 2013, but I might just get a whole lot of starts!

  8. Lots of finished projects but what is most impressive to me is the 'LIST' or records! I work on a project, finish it and then it is mostly out of my thoughts! I use my blog as my recording place!

    This year will see quite a bit of focus for you! Enjoy!


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