Saturday, 13 October 2012

not what you expect in spring

For those who don't know Australia, let me explain: I live in Sydney, the largest city in Australia. It is situated in a temperate climate zone. The metropolitan area of Sydney is large - it is about 60km (37.5 miles) from the outer edge of the western suburbs to the city. The entire metropolitan area is on the coastal plain and affected to a greater or lesser extent by the coastal weather patterns.

It's mid-spring in this part of the world. Last Friday the temperature in some of the western suburbs was a very warm 35*C (95*F).

West of Sydney are the Blue Mountains, which are part of a range of mountains that run down the east coast of mainland Australia. Just 56km west of the edge of metropolitan Sydney, lies the mountain village of Blackheath, elevation 1065 metres (3494 feet).

Here's what the railway station looked like yesterday (thanks to Kelvin at Blackheath for his permission to use these photos).
Blackheath snow 2Blackheath snow 4
Blackheath snow 8Blackheath snow 9
Blackheath snow 10Blackheath snow 12
Blackheath snow 13Blackheath snow 17
Surprised? So were all the people who went to bed in springtime and woke up in mid-winter!


  1. Great photos...and the geography lesson is a bonus.
    Did not know of the mtn elevation or those spring time snows.

  2. Amazing- the contrast of weather within such a short distance. EnJOYed reading about your country, saying HI from KY in the USA.

  3. Fabulous photos! I think mother nature just needs a laugh now and then at our expense:)The up side is it's pretty but won't last long.

  4. Wow, what a jolt! Did it kill anything in your yard or will it be okay? It is beautiful , tho!

  5. Wow, are we in the same continent?! It was cool here yesterday also, but that is amazing, I only saw snow in the mountains very occasionally growing up in Sydney. It does look beautiful doesnt it?

  6. Kelvin did a great job in trying conditions!

  7. That happens here every once in a while too. Snowed 10" on my wedding day, in Dallas Texas, in late March...1987. I think God just wants to keep us on our toes.

    At times like that it is best to sit back and enjoy the spectical.

  8. Brenda in Namibia14 October 2012 at 03:01

    Yes I really was surprised at your photos. I've visited your lovely city in 1997 and didn't think it ever snowed there!

  9. Lovely skiff of snow. My sister and her family go skiing in the Blue Mountains sometimes.

  10. what a surprise! soon it will be winter here in Wisconsin with plenty of snow, too. :)

  11. Oh wow! I love a good snow - this would make me so happy! I see how you guys were disappointed, though :)

  12. LOL check out the pics on my blog....;)

    It was a crazy day I. The kids loved it and so did I...:)
    Here I am wondering if it ever snows up here in the upper mountains.

  13. interesting! I love snow and hope we get some this winter.

  14. Goodness what photographs! We had our honeymoon in The Blue Mountains and stayed a week at Blackheath, so I have fond memories of the area.


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