Friday 28 September 2012

stitching with one needle

Looking over my last few blog posts, you would think that the only craft I pursued regularly was knitting and that my only other hobby has to do with my iPad!
 It is true that that I use my iPad a lot, every day in fact. Why buy one if not to use it? Winking smile

It is also true that it would be a rare day if I didn’t knit at some point – usually in the evening while watching television with WM.

I have a knitting deadline which is coming up fairly soon so I am knitting during the day. Technically my deadline is 20 October but I am aiming for 6 October, just one week away. For those who knit or hand-stitch, I am making a dark-coloured item so knitting this particular project under artificial light at night is not an option!

As explained in this post, sewing projects require much more preparation than knitting so when life gets hectic or I'm feeling overwhelmed, knitting is my choice of craft.

However, this post is not about knitting. It’s about works in progress that are being made with one needle.

My current class project is another bag. On Monday I completed the lining.
inside finished
I’m pleased with the inside although I don't think I’d make those saggy pleated pockets again. This bag won’t stand up by itself so I had to pin it to the lounge and hold it open while I took the photo! Smile

I am away at a conference all this long weekend, but next week I plan to make the outside of the bag and the handle, then on Monday 8 October I can put the two parts together in class.

At Caring Hearts Community Quilters yesterday, I completed one heart and started another.You'll have to look closely on the blue heart, the thread is a really good match! LOL
It was a slow sewing day because we had lots of Show and Tell. More importantly, it was our founder’s 70th birthday so we had a party! Happy birthday, Margaret! Even more excitingly for me, DD was able to attend her first meeting because SIL had the day off and was able to look after the Grand-Boys!

I have prepared my next embroidery project and will get started on it next week (after conference). Because I used a blue marking pen on a white background, I can't show you my preparation. Here is a picture of the pattern sheet.
2012 Christmas tre #3 pattern
I have also started another bag project (or maybe two) with these, my first foray into English paper piecing (and includes some fussy cutting):
first 17
The hexagon with the pink coloured spots (top left) was tacked by WM – wouldn’t it be fun if we worked on a project together?

And now, even though I’d like to work on my hexies or my embroidery, I need to get back to that “dark” knitting project before the light completely fades with the incoming storm!

Come back on Sunday to see some real-honest-to-goodness machine piecing!


  1. Your EPP looks absolutely fantastic! They're great to make while you're watching TV, case you ever run out of knitting :)

  2. great projects there! You will be busy!

  3. You are making the little paper pieced blocks-very pretty results! Good for you. I like the quilted bag-it is going to get a lot of use when it is finished!

  4. Wow, you've been really busy. Love all of your projects, especially the hexies. Looking forward to seeing your progress on all you new adventures.


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