Thursday, 30 August 2012

bag lady

About two weeks ago I showed you my bag-in-progress.
2012 ready to bind
And this is what it looks like now
finished bag frontfinished bag side
… all finished!
There is no shortage of places to store things in this bag – the front, the back and both sides have pockets as you can see, but this is the inside:
finished bag internalsfinished bag internal pocket
and there’s even this little zipper pocket!
finished bag zipper pocket
I’m now hooked on bags (hence the title of this post). I'm on a mission now to turn this completed embroidery (which I have forgotten to show you since I finished it) into a bag to carry my supplies to and from embroidery classes.
embroidery bag fabrics
The purple fabric is for the outer part of the bag and the “cross stitch” fabric is the lining.
And the bag making doesn't stop there. After thinking, “I’ll never make hexagons, I don't like them”, I am planning to make a sock-knitting project bag in hexagons! I've decided to use bright fabrics and these are the fabrics I have pulled from my small stash so far. I only need a small piece to cut 1.5” hexagons and I may not use them all. One of them will be used for the lining of the bag.
initial fabrics chosen
What do you think?


  1. This is a fab bag Lynne! Practical and very decorative as well. Some of the Japanese style fabrics are excellent for bag designs too.

  2. I wouldn't mind hanging out with this bag lady! The embroidery is lovely why are you putting inside?
    And I'm laughing at the hexagons, I too said never and today the ladies at my local sewing shop have almost convinced me to have a go!

  3. I love a bag with lots of pockets!

  4. I love your bag! Beautiful cross stitch and fabric collection.
    Not fond of hexies. Sorry :(

  5. Great bag. I love the inside sections.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Great bag-it turned out really nice! No wonder you want to make more-I would, too! Hexagons don't hold the magic for me either-use the fabric for the bags-you will get more use out of it! Have fun!

  8. Wow....did you make two bags and join them for that center pocket? Your design and workmanship is wonderful! Love your next fabric choice too. And never say never....I once said I would never make a watercolor with 2 " squares.....boy do I have egg on my face.

  9. Absolutely darling, Lynne! I've been saving up ideas for a ton of bags and have kazillions of ideas and free patterns. I need to do a post on that. Yours is just great because is stands and has those great dividers etc. inside. Perfectly wonderful in every way. I'm planning on making bags as gifts this year and you may have just jump started me to get going!

  10. Your bag turned out very nicely indeed! I think I might have made the same pattern up a few years ago - was it from Blue Willow? As for those brights, I LOVE them! Go for it!

  11. That really is a fantastic bag - almost makes me want to go back to my sewing :)

  12. i really, really like that bag. With a zip inside and everything! Just gorgeous.

    I have a scrap of embroidery I want to incporate into a project too.

  13. LOVE all the pockets on that bag. I can't wait to see the hexagon bag come together. I think the stripe fabric will make cute hexagons.

  14. What a beautiful bag! It turned out looking so professional.

  15. Sensational bag! Absolutely love it.

  16. The bag is beautiful! I love the lining fabric you picked, too. One of the best parts of making a bag is using it! Looking forward to your hexies - just make sure you have some way to stabilize them when you make them into a bag! I feel like they might be less reliable without support, but I could be wrong.


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