Friday 22 June 2012

snippets from the craft show

Last Sunday,  DD and I went to the annual Stitches and Craft Show held at Darling Harbour, in Sydney. We were already tired from the sock workshop the day before (yes, it went well thanks). DD had missed the Show last year due to giving birth to Younger Grandson and I had missed most of it due to looking for a sewing machine on my first day’s visit and teaching knitting at the Guild stand on my second day’s visit.

DD and I went to quite a few “workshops”. I don’t know why they call them workshops – they are “talks” or, in some cases, product demonstrations. The first talk we attended was about embroidery hints and tips (and products). DD wanted to go home as soon as it was over – she was already raring to get at some handwork! Inevitably, one of us gets all excited and wants to go home within the first hour of being there!

Some “workshops” we attended together, some we went in two different directions. I attended a talk given by Reece Scannell and Kathy Doughty (Material Obsession) about the use of colour. It was only when Kathy took over for the second thirty minutes that I remembered the camera in my bag.
2012 KAthy Doughty strip quilt
The final workshop we attended was Saffron Craig talking about her latest designs.
(Sorry about the hassle with the camera, Saffron, and thanks for allowing me to take and publish this photo.)
2012 Saffron Craig
The hat in front was made from a Saffron Craig fabric by Nicole Mallalieu (You Sew Girl).

BTW, I don’t have permission to publish the photos of the quilts here, sorry. You can go to the two posts on Di’s blog (here and here) to see the photos which she has permission to publish. This is the link to the Quilt Guild of NSW website to see the prize winning quilts.

DD and I made the mistake of going to look at the quilts at 3:30; we had been at the Show since 10am. It was too much. Next year we are going for two days!


  1. I had planned the week before to go. Then suddenly I realised I had missed the whole thing! Not to sure what made me forget, but it's gone now.

  2. Good thinking getting photos from your workshops - that completely slipped my mind! I agree with you, there is just so much to see and do that you really need 2 days (I did!)

  3. Looks like a great way to get inspired and energized in your quilting! Love the colored quilt...

  4. Houston's quilt show is like that too. Too much to take in all at once visit.

  5. Sounds like fun! Those quilts are beautiful! I'd love to go to a quilt show one day.

  6. sounds like what was going on in my state. There were workshops too but I don't usually go to those. I am like your daughter. I get very inspired when I go to these shows and what to come and be creative.


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