Friday 4 May 2012

…now you don’t

Last week I posted about this unfinished quilt top that was donated to our community quilting group.
two quilts in one
Nearly everyone who commented agreed with me that it should become two quilts.

But I went even further. I decided that the top section would be more cohesive if I took the sashing off and used the same sashing between all the scrappy string sections to give it a more cohesive look.

So now that top section look like this:
two quilts separated
I am storing those sections of joined strings like this:
two quilts strings storage
Neat, hey?

Unfortunately, I can’t go any further with either of these two quilt tops because I don’t have enough scraps to complete a single (twin) quilt top with the darker fabrics or a baby quilt with the lighter fabrics.

But,that’s okay, I’ve bought some light neutral fabric so I can get back to my Scrappy Log Cabin blocks.

And it’s a new month, so there'll be blocks in a new colour in the very near future.

Now back to the quilters’ triangle: the sewing machine, the ironing board and the cutting table!


  1. Unsewing is never fun, but you've got that tackeled so the project is ready to go. That's discipline!

  2. Now you have it in a position to move forward! Good job ripping out and organizing!

  3. I like that, the Quilters Triangle. I wonder if you can get lost in it like the Burmuda Triangle.


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