Sunday 29 April 2012

scrappy log cabin blocks came to a screaming halt!

The colour for this month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at SoScrappy blog was light neutrals.

I didn’t really want to make light neutral blocks. Just before going to sleep one night (why is it I get my best ideas then?) I realised I could combine my light neutral scraps with darker printed scraps that don’t fit into any particular colour group and make log cabin blocks.

But what would I use for the centre?

Suddenly I remembered the scraps of 2 1/2 inch squares made with red half HSTs that Kate sent me last year when she was de-stashing. Perfect!
pile of HST
I had 24 of these little squares left so my quilt would have to use a maximum of twenty four blocks. The ideal size for the quilts we give to the palliative care units of the local hospitals is 54” x 64”, but it’s not a problem if we go a little bit outside those dimensions (larger or smaller). I decided to make ten inch blocks making 40” x 50” with a seven inch wide border (or borders).  That would require 20 blocks, the other four would be put in a panel on the back (which seems to have become my signature way of getting extra width from the backing).

Being scraps, not every piece of my light neutral fabric was the same width, so I decided to go with whatever happened. After all, I could always add the extra width in the last round if need be.

What you see here are some of my blocks; I don’t think you need to see all twenty four!
2012 Scrappy Log Cabin blocks underway 4 of 24
And the “screaming halt” mentioned in the title of this post. After just two rounds (of four), I have run out of light neutral scraps (in fabrics that I haven’t already used) so I will have to wait until the group meets next Thursday to raid the store cupboard for more!

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  1. Well, this one is worth the wait! Very nice use of scraps and I love the idea of using the pieced centers! A very nice twist on an old block!
    You are amazing!

  2. Great idea! At least you've used up one "color" of scrap.

  3. Great idea to use up orphan blocks and make them into new ones. This will be a great quilt!

  4. Your "neutral" log cabins look great - I especially like the fabrics! Hope you are able to add some more to your stash!

  5. The blocks look great. Just hold on 'til you can get some more neutrals. I am just beginning to develop a "stash" of colors...finally cutting into favorite fabrics has been hard for me. *wink*

  6. I like this a lot. Your center red will give you the constant you need for all the scraps. It is going to be so great.

  7. What a nice idea for using what you have on hand. That is always my favorite kind of quilt.

  8. My best ideas come at the same time ;-)
    Really love the mix of light and dark, they really showcase the colours

  9. Great job! Love how your neutral blocks came together and you got to use up lots of scraps. Congrats.


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