Friday, 3 February 2012

a little experiment

Inspired by this post from Candy, I tried a little experiment in FMQ stitch sketching on the side of one of FMQ pieces.

Not too bad for a first attempt!


  1. I like that Lynne. It would look good in a dark thread on a cream background or even a grey background.

  2. Sorry, hit send too soon. Hope your mother is Ok in the floods up her way. A friend's mum in Qld is preparing for third flood in three years.

  3. Oh wow, I think it looks great, I'm too chicken to be trying any FMQ, I was never good at drawing. Inspired by what you're learning and doing.

  4. You are just a few steps away from actually fmq'ing on your own quilt! Go for it!

  5. Not bad at all! I love the depth from having lots of stitching on the left hand side!


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