Friday, 24 February 2012

finished a flimsy

Linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday which is being hosted by Quilter in the Gap this week.

I woke yesterday morning from a dream about quilting – well, more precisely about piecing: Churn Dash/Shoo Fly blocks to be precise. No, I’ve never made one and, at this point in time, don’t intend to but you never know with dreams, do you?

Anyway, on Wednesday night I had gone to bed quite late after making several blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge which I will post about tomorrow. So I obviously had piecing on my mind.

I was working on the Rainbow Scrap blocks because I had finished the scrappy top I had been working on up to and after dinner. This top started from “extra” which I pieced when making a backing for a previous quilt. I went a little overboard and soon realised I had the beginnings of another quilt top.

248 strips pieced
I was intending to make a Coin Quilt but these pieces were a little too wonky for that. I have learnt that accuracy in cutting and piecing is just as important when making a scrap quilt as it is when trying to piece blocks that need to fit together. I also learnt that it’s way better to trim small sections like this to the correct size (where necessary) rather than waiting until the combined pieces are several feet long!

Anyway, enough of the lessons learnt, may I present my latest quilt top: Lost Kitties. You may have to look closely to find the reason for the name but they’re there somewhere! LOL
2012 finished top Lost Kitties

I love the teal sashing strips – in my opinion they make the quilt look modern and fresh, even though it has some very old-fashioned prints in it. Some of the fabrics were from quilts DD and I have made but most of the pieces were donated to Caring Hearts Community Quilting Group; I acquired the bag of scraps at my very first meeting back in August 2011. I’ve since made two quilts from this bag of scraps and there’s very little left.
2012 finished top Lost Kitties detail

The teal fabric was also a donation and I was very pleased to get all the sashing I wanted from the small piece I was given. Otherwise I may have had to go and buy a coordinating fabric.

Now I just have to piece a backing and get the current quilt off the quilting frame so that I can quilt this one!


  1. It looks wonderful.

    Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

    PS. I just purchased a set of Red Snappers for my long arm. They are a clamping system that lets you mount quilts without pins. It is very quick, and best of all - no more stabbing myself. I've quilted several quilts this way and love the results.

  2. The quilt is beautiful Lynne. Such a lot of work, but such a wonderful effect

  3. What a lovely quilt top! The sashing fabric really gives it depth. A lovely way to use those scraps.

  4. Great coin quilt! I agree, your teal fabric really gives it a fresh look.

  5. I have never seen a setting like this but this is a Wow! Very nice work! Great setting for vintage scraps so look new and not out dated!

  6. This one looks like a lot of work. Very pretty!

  7. It looks great! And teal is my favorite color right now!

  8. This is lovely! I really like the way you've sashed it:)

  9. Great scrappy goodness! I can't believe you just started this yesterday! Wow! I love your design - balances those scraps so beautifully. Yay for a fab finish! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! Oh, and I'm always a fan of lessons learned! :)

  10. You seem to be so good at using up all the scraps you have. I loved how you've used the teal to break it up and the pattern is very striking. Will be interested to see how you quilt this one.

  11. What a cool idea for a scrappy quilt... love the arrangement... and the teal is perfect!

  12. What a great scrap busting quilt!

  13. Beautiful! And it was all from your scraps/stash? Fantastic!

  14. Firstly, I love that you dreamed about quilting, much like I have had many dreams about scrapbooking! Secondly can I say EXQUISITE!!!!! A huge round of applause to you. Sensational.

  15. How in the world did I miss this post? This is fabulous! The teal was a perfect choice for the borders. Ties it altogether with a nice pop of color.

    The best way to learn is by doing. As I always tell my students...there are no mistakes only lessons learned:)


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