Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Feeling flat? Finish something!

 eta: I'm linking this post with Thank God it's Finished Friday seen this week at Quilt Matters. This is my first contribution - I hope it won't be my last.


Last week, the constant grey skies were making me blue and I lacked enthusiasm to do anything much.

So I urged myself to finish something.

Look-ee here!

A bound flannelette quilt (36" x 54")
Hunters Cabin finished
I finally found some dark flannelette (black to be precise) to do the binding.
Hunters CAbin bound detail

But wait – there’s more:

a finished blanket (afghan)
2012 garter stitch striped afghan
 All the ends from those one, two or three rows of colour have been tied off and hidden inside the binding! (A trick I learnt in a workshop last year with Liz Gemmell.)
2012 garter stitch striped afghan detail
The grey skies are back but I’m too busy to be feeling flat!


  1. Finishing things really does bring a feeling of lightness, doesn't it! Go you!

  2. Love the afghan colours. A plash of colour in a grey day.

  3. I love the blankie, gorgeous :)

    (you know I am not one for quilting - yet!)

  4. Agreed-finishing is a real boost-good job. The quilt turned out just right and the afghan is stunning-love the binding hint!

  5. I'm a quilter, but that afghan has me a little envious! It's so bright and busy in a very good way.

  6. The grey skys are getting to me too, but your lovely lot of beautiful colours has helped :-)

  7. Congrats on your two beautiful finishes!

  8. Hurray for you! Love the afghan and quilt.

  9. Wow, two finishes? Great job! I love the quilt, but I'm really crushing on your afghan. Such great scrappy goodness! Congrats on the finishes and I'm so glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  10. Nice cozy finishes, too! Amen to pushing into work to chase away the blahs.

  11. Welcome to the hop. I don't get to post often since I don't get my quilts finished that quickly. I love checking in each week to see everyone's finishes.
    I'm working on a granny square a day challenge for 2012. That is how I am using up the majority of my yarn stash.

  12. Excellent!
    Now you can start some other goodies

  13. There's nothing like getting something(s) finished to kickstart your motivation!

    I really like the colour palette you chose for the quilt, it's lovely.

  14. love both the quilt and the afghan. Finishing stuff is the best sensation, isn't it ?

  15. Wow Lynne, that afghan is gorgeous!! And I like that binding-hiding-edges trick :)

  16. Oh heck, all that knitting, I'm exhausted and just quietly very in awe!


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