Sunday 22 January 2012

I think I need a break

I don't want to be negative and depressing but I've been feeling a bit "blah" for the past week or so.

Sure, my sinuses are still playing up and my ear drums are distended and painful (and the antibiotics prescribed on Thursday haven't kicked in yet) but it's more than that.

I've lost my enthusiasm.

I'm still reading blogs but I'm not commenting as much.

I'm still sewing and knitting - I've even nearly finished stuff!

I've done more reading lately than is usual; that's what the Kindle is for after all! (Yes, I decided to keep it).

And I've watched more television because the Australian Open Tennis Tournament is on and it's the one time of the year when I can watch matches at a time when I want to be awake!

I have my first sewing class of the year tomorrow and I don't have anything I want to do! That doesn't mean I haven't got any projects on-the-go or ready to go, it just means that nothing fires me up the way the first class back should (shouldn't it?) I feel inclined not to go even though I know I'll love it when I get there.

And I haven't posted to my blog in days and don't really want to!

It's not as if there's nothing going on around here.

In the past five days I've had:
- a free motion quilting class with Kim Bradley
- a toddler's funeral
- a visit to the doctor
- house guests for one night
- a two-day visit from DD and the grandsons
- a Knitters' Guild meeting
- and our grandson's dedication

My nephew is back from the National Baseball Championships and my niece got some good news today!

Yesterday DD and I even managed to get a quilt loaded on to the frame (but no quilting has been done)!

But none of that fires me up and makes me want to write.

I'm tired of fighting Blogger to get my posts written and photos attached.

So, I've decided to take a break from blogging - just until I can find my enthusiasm again. If you see it, please send it back; I miss it!


  1. Back up there a tick. A toddlers funeral. No wonder you are feeling like this. (((hugs)))

  2. Enthusiasm for blogging waxes and wanes. Sometimes you lack enthusiasm because you've posted about the things that happen regularly in your life and you don't want to revisit them time and time again.

    Enjoy your break, and I hope you're back soon.

  3. Write when you feel like it-who set the writing schedule any way!!!!

    Give yourself a break; really. It is okay!

  4. I'll miss you. Carol is right. Take care my friend.

  5. Between the anniversies of recent losses and the little one's funeral, it's understandable that you'd be feeling a bit off and out of the mainstream. Especially since your also dealing with not feeling 100% due to the sinus crud. Take care, pamper yourself some.

  6. What a week!!!! We'll look forward to your return.

  7. Aw, it'll be okay, Lynne. I COMPLETELY understand. Feel better and we'll see you soon!

  8. Ditto. Same thing here. Blogging break might just be the answer to feeling inspired again.

  9. I know how you feel. I got so tired of fighting with blogger. I finally downloaded the free Windows Live Writer. It's wonderful. It's uses a what you see is what you get format. Your blogger page layout is on the screen and you just write, paste photos, crop, size and add links right on the screen. Then publish. Wonderful and fast!

  10. Lynne you've had some serious grief items in the last while - remembering your loved ones and a little boy's funeral. Be gentle with yourself. Burn some candles, say some prayers. Focus on celebrating lives and mourning. Take care of yourself. We'll see you when you get back - hopefully soon.

  11. I agree with with Carol, a toddler's funeral is very sad. I went to a friend's 8 month old baby funeral years ago. It was so sad.

    On the 2nd Jan my father-in-law passed away. I remember for a week or so after the funeral feeling flat. I found my self re-evaluating things in my life. I'm feeling better now but still feel a bit sad about my father-in-law.

    Blogger is annoying me as well. I was looking at changing over to Wordpress. Blogger wasn't letting me leave comments on certain blogs. It wouldn't recognise my cookie and on my post it keeps putting more space between paragraphs than I want. I know it is all trivial but it is annoying.


  12. You will be missed, but we all need a break from time to time
    Take care and enjoy whatever you really feel like doing

  13. We'll be here when you feel like blogging again. It shouldn't feel like an obligation, and if it does, then you definitely need a break.

  14. Take your time, look after yourself and come back when the urge grabs you. In the meantime, we'll miss you.

  15. It is OK to be unenthusiastic for a few weeks. Sometimes we just need to stop and waste time. Sometimes a change in diet (less sugar or less carbs in general) or a course of multivitamins or just vitamin B can kick start things. Hope you get back to your chirpy self soon.

  16. I think a break sounds like a good idea. Sometimes there just isn't much to say, and there's no point forcing yourself, as it should be enjoyable. Maybe think of it as a holiday, because we all like holidays, and they are good for recharging the batteries.

  17. well, you certainly have a lot of things going on in your life at this time.
    Blogging can take a back seat but you will be missed.
    I you are feeling like yourself soon.


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