Monday 26 December 2011

a very happy Christmas

Both grandsons got so many presents that it was all a bit too much for Older Grandson even if we did take it slowly and give him time to play with each new toy. Trouble was he wanted to play with all Younger Grandson's toys too!

I also had a very happy Christmas.

From my motherfrom my sister
from DD and family from Santa

and from WM
I think I see some reading and sewing in my future!


  1. "Out of the Box" is the book you MUST read first. Cover to cover. It's a fantastic motivational read that will leave you smiling.

  2. You received some wonderful gifts! Enjoy!

  3. Those books look fantastic! Hopefully the first three are not for your Kindle?

  4. All those lovely books, that will keep you going for some time to come.


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