Thursday 29 December 2011

update and thank you

Not much happening here in crafting land.

I am still sewing in all the ends of my "in the ditch" quilting. I like them all tied off and buried in the layers;  I don't mind doing it but it is taking a lot longer than I expected!

We gave my 77yo mum a Nikon Coolpix as a Christmas present last night (she arrived for a week's stay yesterday evening) - she is currently reading the manual!

WM has gone to pick up DD and the Grandboys as a surprise for Nanna/Gran-Nan.

Thanks for all your suggestions: WM and I are still sorting through all the options regarding the Kindle. The files from my local library (ePDF or ePUB) have "digital rights management" (as do the ebooks from the Book Depository) so they cannot be converted to Kindle readable files. We can't return it because I have used it and it is not faulty; I don't want to sell it because that would be insulting to WM after I specifically asked for a Kindle and I don't want it to become a paperweight! At the moment, we are leaning towards taking out an Amazon "Prime" subscription (currently $79US per year); I get a one month free trial to see if that's the path I want to take.

eta: I've just discovered that the Lending Library included in this subscription is limited to one book a month - hmm, more thinking required!

Because the next week will be full of  family activities, I may not have time to post to my blog but I will be back early next year!


  1. Technology is such a wonderful thing, but sometimes so incredibly frustrating.

  2. I did do the Audible thing for a year but one book a month wasn't enough for me. Have you checked Audible?
    Will be praying about your Mum's visit.

  3. Your mum will love her new camera. Reading manuals seems like that is all we do anymore!

    Will getting the Prime account make any difference? I thought that saved you on shipping and I think the e-books are free shipping. I love my Kindle and I did hear that they are coming out with a "rental type" program.

  4. We got my DD a camera for her birthday last year and she has loved it!

    Have you checked out Pixel of Ink? They have lots of free and low-cost books for Kindle. Also, if you're on FaceBook, there are some cheap book pages. My library just recently made books available to Kindle readers (which has been a problem for me, because I bought a Nook specifically to read library books and now the waiting lists are really long). $79 will purchase a lot of books -- I read constantly and even if I indulged myself and bought all the books I wanted, I doubt I would run up that big a bill.

  5. Hey Lynne, I have made the very same discoveries since I got my Kindle for my birthday. The only difference: I didnt ask for it (I had seen how expensive brand new books are for the Kindle) but it was the sweetest thing my husband did and money is always tight for us. My BIL gave me a gift certificate high enough to cover a one year prime membership and then I saw you only get on book per month. This made me mad. Our local library is also not really working out and I am sure it's gonna be worse in Germany. You know what? Yesterday I bought the first of the Someday quilt misteries in a used book store ;-) It would be $ 11,99 for the Kindle. Isn't that crazy? Hope we figure this out soon! See ya, Sana

  6. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas (I asked for it) and I've been totally happy with it, but I also did a lot of research to make sure our library did work with the Kindle, which it does, but it doesn't have much selection at this time. Hopefully your library will accommodate soon! I have been really disappointed with Prime though, 1 book a month is lame, and honestly the movie and TV selection isn't that hot either. Good luck deciding what to do!


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