Thursday 1 December 2011

home again; first of summer

Hurrah! There's truly no place like home!

I have spent about twelve hours over the last three days catching up on blog reading and commenting plus answering comments and replies to comments -- I'm finally caught up but now I need to get away from the computer as my neck and shoulders are stiff and sore!

The promised saga of being stranded in the floods will be posted tomorrow - sorry; I just can't sit here and type (or edit photos anymore).

Today is the first of summer but with a maximum temperature of 20*C (68*F) you'd never know it! I'm still wearing track pants and it's after 1pm!

So I will leave you with another photo from WM's garden: this time from the backyard. Can you guess what these are?


  1. And tonight is supposed to be quite chilly here. I don't mind, it's pleasant to see some sun but I don't like the very high humidity and temperatures. I'd be happy if maximum was never over 27 deg. C.

  2. At least it was sunny today. I'm taking a guess here, are they cherries?

  3. It does take a few days after a t rip to catch up on everything! Glad you are getting back in the groove. We are moving into winter-had to have a fire this morning to take away the chill (40F) I do not know what the fruit is!

  4. As you guys start summer, we start winter. I don't care for cold weather, so I'm gonna follow along with all of your warm weather posts about your garden and things! Keep it up. Maybe my teeth won't chatter too bad this winter after all.

  5. We might have snow on Monday. I'd gladly trade your 20 C for that.


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