Thursday 20 October 2011

playing catch up

I am nearly a week behind with my blog reading because I was sick again last week. If I am a follower of your blog, I am trying to catch up. At the moment I have about 300 posts to read so I'm doing my best. I may not comment in my attempt to catch up -- I know I will fall behind again this weekend; I always do because DD and the Grandboys arrive on Friday mornings and stay till after dinner on Saturday nights which precludes spending time on the computer!

Last week I forgot to take photos before DD carefully rolled up twenty-five QAYG blocks and crammed them into a post bag.

They reached their destination last Friday. I have "borrowed" a photo from Jan's Oz Comfort Quilts blog to give you some idea of what we've been up to. The blocks are 10.5 inches square (unfinished) and I can't wait to see how they play with other donated blocks to make a quilt. They don't look so good after being rolled tightly but it was the most efficient way to fit blocks into the postbag!


  1. Very fun block to make and to put together! Hope you feel better soon-I am sure you feel that it has been long enough !

  2. HOpe you are feeling better.
    I made one of my boys a quilt using fabric scraps the same way. It make a fun quilt.


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