Monday 24 October 2011

imagine a cushion*

Finished at 51cm (20") square.

This fabric on the "envelope" back. Doesn't it look like the surface of water?

This hand-dyed fabric for a two inch border on the front.

And this as the feature fabric - a sixteen inch square. I bought this from Patchwork by Gail B when I went to Canberra for a craft show a couple of months ago.

I gave the cushion to my sister (for her birthday) on Friday night and she seemed well pleased. She told me she was taking it to the baseball to sit on it while her son tried out for the State team yesterday.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the finished item and she lives five hours away!

*In Australia, we use the term "cushion" for decorator items or for use on sofas/lounges/settees and even beds. Pillows are for sleeping on.


  1. I am sure it was a very cute cushion! And appropriate now considering the penguins in the news here with the call for knitters to make jumpers for them after the oil spill!

  2. Love the penguins! Very cute.

  3. I bet that was too cute. Love the fabrics.


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