Saturday 13 August 2011

you don't know how much stuff you have ...

... until you have to move it and find somewhere else to put it!!

Last month, I posted about our kitchen being "fixed". In late April, the dishwasher that was here when we bought the house nearly twenty years (it was eight years old then) died, flooding under our floating timber floor which was only laid in 2007.

The damaged area is about four square metres. The floor guy is one of my former-primary-school-students (I taught him in Year 4, when he was ten years old), now he runs his own business!  To get to those four square metres, Michael thought he'd have to take up about nine square metres. Turns out he has to take up and replace all 42 square metres because the whole floor is glued together! The new floor has a different system - it locks together without glue!

So, on Thursday afternoon, in preparation for Michael's arrival today (we're away from home), we moved all the furniture out of the family room and dining room. It's not a lot of furniture - a table, six chairs and a small cupboard, a two seater sofa and a two-and-a half-seater sofa, a couple of foot stools, an ancient (enormous) stereo system and two speakers, and some CD cabinets. It's all the other detritus of life that also had to moved - all the stuff on the floor of the linen closet plus Older Grandson's toys, and the knitting paraphernalia belonging to DD and I that is stored (or forgotten) in the family room!

No one can get into the spare bedroom and our living room looks like a used furniture show room! Normally there is enough space on the living room floor for me to use it as a design space. No chance of that happening in the next few days (fortunately, I have none to lay out that you haven't seen). Michael and his team will rip up the old floor on today (Saturday) and lay the new one on Monday.

Because we are away until late tonight, our neighbours will let the team in and make sure they lock up afterwards.

I'm glad I've got a quilting class to go to on Monday morning to get away from the noise of the saw! Last time the floor was laid I went out for the whole day and left WM to supervise!


  1. It's amazing how much stuff you can store in a room without much furniture :-)

  2. I always hate having to deal with repairs. But it sounds like you'll have a lovely new floor on Monday.

  3. Always mess before beauty! lol
    It is going to be great to have it done!

  4. I can feel your pain! We got new carpets for the boys this summer. All of their things had to be emptied out...into my work room. I felt trapped.


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