Tuesday, 12 July 2011

the start of a new project
- a counting book

In March, DD and I attended a craft fair at Rosehill racecourse. I bought four panels to make cloth books.

Yesterday, I had an appointment at the hairdresser's before my quilting class. I didn't want to take Jan and leave her on view in my car (she won't fit in my boot and has to travel on the back seat with a seatbelt for protection).

So, I took DD's Brother with me and one of the cloth book panels.

First, I had to iron the panel. It had been folded for at least four months so it took quite a bit of convincing to lie flat!

Then I had to cut the book with scissors because the printing was not square.

As a left-hander, my cutting skills are not good (even with left-handed scissors). Take a deep breath, Lynne (and another and another).

I finally had the book cut and was able to put the six pieces together in book form. My teacher then showed me how to semi-block them so that they were the same size and shape. This involved pins and steam from the iron and some gentle stretching of fabric. If it had been any worse, we may have had to resort to full blocking (which is similar to wet blocking knitting; who knew?)

Then I cut the interfacing and ironed it to three of the six pieces.

Not much in three hours, is it?

I realised that a lot of class time is spent waiting for the teacher or the shop owner (to cut the interfacing) or in negotiating my way around the classroom. Although there were only six of the eight of us there yesterday, my work table is as far from the ironing board and cutting table as it's possible to get, so I always have to manoeuvre my way around other people and their chairs. No wonder I can achieve more at home, alone.

Brother didn't even get used! I hope he's not feeling neglected! LOL


Today, I'm feeling light headed so I don't think there'll be much sewing. First step, though, will be to iron those six pieces again because I had to fold them to bring them home! *sigh*


  1. i have found it hard to get much done in classes too, but its nice to interact with other people, hope your project comes together! try a teaspoon of vit c powder with a little juice twice a day for the lurgy, ps the word verifcation is consult, hahaha!

  2. Well, you are accumulating a good foundation of quilting related info-hang in there! The fabric book will be well loved!

  3. How is the cold going?
    Do you wonder at the value of going to classes at all? I haven't taken any and am just curious.
    The book will be lovely when it is done, it takes small steps to do most things and it all adds up!

  4. Hope you're feeling better now. I came down with a head cold yesterday afternoon but have had no internet since Monday till this afternoon. Not the fault of my provider but the huge T****** company behind them who did something with all the cables downstairs and in the process cut me off. Light headed? You have my sympathies. I hop WM is also feeling better. Lots of stuff around. One DIL has had pleurisy and the doctor gave her two days off. She went to work on third day and was sent home for rest of week which is what was needed on first doctor's visit.

    Hope WM got the yarn you needed.


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