Friday 8 July 2011

I'll have more time

When our head teacher asked us to state our preferences for work this coming semester (July-December), I wrote something along the lines of "more work or no work" (not in those words, of course).

Working two and a half hours a week meant being away from home for five hours , not to mention preparation, marking and administration (all unpaid). To be perfectly honest, working for that amount of time was really not working - it was just an unwelcome interruption to my "real" life!

Now don't get me wrong, I love teaching - ask any student who has been in my classes or workshops - but I was getting quite fed up with the half-a-day-week thing!

So, I asked for work on two (preferably consecutive) days - or no work at all (give my hours to someone who really needs the work).

And my answer came back last Friday (the last day of the last semester):
... we are not able to offer you a teaching program in Semester Two 2011.
You know, first my heart sank and I felt like crying; the feelings of rejection threatened to overwhelm me!

I went straight out and told WM; he smiled and said, "well, that's what you wanted, isn't it?"

And that was that: I'm unofficially 'retired' - at least for the rest of this year!

WM doesn't expect me to look for other work. And DD just might need help with two boys sixteen months apart!

God is good!!


  1. Wahoo!!! More time now for all the really fun things

  2. WM is right-this isn't a rejection, it is a gift! 6 months of being a grandma and a quilter-wonderful!

  3. More time to craft ;) yay! I'm glad you're embracing it.

  4. a door never closes without another one opening - but one can still experience angst over the one that has closed [ at least for now ]. You've partially defined your sense of self as a teacher for a long time. I think some sadness is perfectly understandable.

    xxxox s

  5. Bugger! And Hooray! More knitting and sewing and playing with Grand kid time and hopefully a return to work next Semester if it's what you decide you need.


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