Tuesday, 28 June 2011

happy silver anniversary Knitters' Guild of NSW

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Knitters' Guild of NSW (Inc). I spent Saturday working on the Guild stand at the Quilt and Craft Fair. I was teaching knitting and, ahem, crochet to one left-handed woman. I taught two absolutely beginners to knit which was quite a thrill. All the participants were making flowers - two rows of crochet from 25 chain stitches or ten rows of knitting, some sewing up and it was all done! Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the flowers!

But I did take some photos of parts of the Guild stand - a job well done, everyone.

table laid with four knitted silver place settings

taken across the table

one place setting

knitted candlestick copied from a 19th century brass candlestick

some of the knitting on display (yes, that's my Water, Forest and Fire scarf in there)

the top red jumper is by Val Quarmby, the lower striped jumper by Terry Scott

more of the display: teddies, intarsia, socks, mosaic knitting and a sampler scarf

tunisian crochet, scumbling, lace and another jumper by Terry Scott


  1. What a wonderful event to be a prat of! Lovely table stting and great displays!

  2. a lot of work went into this event. Spectacular!


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