Thursday 26 May 2011

ennui - over and out
Part 1b

In my post on Monday, I said my first secret to breaking the boredom with unfinished projects is to finish them?

Well here are some more FOs:

This Tomten was knitted in my hand-dyed 8ply (DK) acrylic. I used three different but coordinating colourways, thinking they would work together well; this is certainly not my greatest design idea! Next time I would use the yarns alternatively, two rows of each colour, not one ball after another.
Tomten by Elizabeth Zimmermann (from Knitting Without Tears)

The first of these baby sweaters was knitted in 4ply (fingering) Panda Baby Magnum, in a variegated colourway which is not really as orange as it appears here. The second is knitted in three different balls of my hand-dyed 8ply (DK) acrylic yarn. I have learnt my lesson from the Tomten above; I used one colourway for the yoke and alternated the other two balls (two rows of each) for the body. I really like how this worked out and would definitely do it again! Mistakes are good if we learn from them!!
February Baby Sweaters by Elizabeth Zimmermann (from Knitters' Almanac)
Why did it take me so long to finish these three little things? In one word: procrastination. The zipper took a couple of hours to pin and sew (by hand) one side, then do the other side. The buttons - no reason really except that I have no idea how to place buttons correctly and so kept putting it off!

Isn't it amazing what one can achieve when one decides to "just do it"?


  1. yep, you're right. Finishing is the best cure. The longer something sits undone, the more impatient I get. I've meant to do a tomten for years but the zip thing put me off.

  2. I appreciate the joy of putting projects in the finished pile! Yippee! Very pretty use of the yarn that way to blend the colors-I will have to remember that! Nice work!


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