Thursday 19 May 2011

applique adventures in knitterland
patched laundry bag

A long time ago, our laundry bag (which is only used when we go away) was caught on something and got torn.

On Saturday I decided to patch it! I know it's not perfect but it's just a laundry bag and, most importantly, I had fun playing around with applique.

house width = two inches
Are we seing a theme here?


  1. Oh, yeah! You are thinking like a quilter! Very pretty and functional , too!

  2. Cute. I used to applique patches on the boys jeans when they were young. One was very hard on clothes, even denim. I remember a cat on one knee and a fish on the other done in very supple suede leather. The patches saw the jeans out. All good practice too for you.


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