Wednesday 20 April 2011

Quilt Class 101

I stumbled across this blog on the weekend. I followed a link from a (quilter's) blog I've never read before and found it.

Chasing Cottons

I've decided that I would like to play along.

New classes are posted online on Wednesdays (why, that's today; *whaddya know?).

Rebecca, of the Chasing Cottons blog, has already posted the first two weeks of the 'course' - but that's okay; it's online and I can catch up easily enough.

*translation of my Aussie slang for my overseas friends: "What do you know?"


  1. Very cool site and the timing is perfect for you and your DD! ( I got to piece with my DD today-it is wonderful!)

  2. Looks like it's perfect for you :-)


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