Thursday, 7 April 2011

problems with Blogger

Is it only me or is it a universal problem? Blogger won't upload photos if I have it set on "updated" editor. So, after reading Blogger help, I changed my settings to "old editor". Now I type my post and add photos in "old editor". Then I change the settings to "updated editor" so that I can add captions to my photos.

Notes to self:
  • Don't fuss with the format of your post in "old editor", because when you change to to "updated editor" the formatting will all be lost.
  • And make sure you add all your photos the first time, otherwise you'll have to format all over again!
What a drag!


  1. so maybe that is my problem too. I find it all very annoying.

  2. Sympathies....I had a stretch last year that gave me fits. It all passes by before you know it.


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