Tuesday 26 April 2011

of sticks and strings
and related things

Late last Monday night, I cast off this scarf. I could have used another ball of yarn to make it longer but I've had enough of it! Seven weeks to knit one scarf - bah humbug!

Although there were no purl stitches in this scarf, it knitted like there were; all that moving the yarn forward as if to purl in order to slip stitches was just as slow as actually purling the stitch. The pattern is the Corrugator Scarf (designer's Rav link) and is, after all, a variation of a rib pattern.

There has been some progress on these toe-up socks but knitting sock yarn on 2.25mm (Size 1) needles is always going to be slow. I have knitted the one short row heel (no holes - yay) and am working up the foot. I haven't yet turned the second heel because I need to concentrate to do it and my house has been populated by DD and GS#1 for the last three days.

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Last week, the postman delivered these:
This is a reprint of the original; not the updated version (I didn't realise that when I ordered it)
I bought this for DD - she wants to make some money while she is a SAHM
A couple of weeks ago, I dyed this acrylic 8ply (DK) with Australian made Landscape (acid) dyes. Don't ever let anyone tell you it can't be done!

Much to my dismay, it took me two hours to untangle the yarn and wind it into a ball. I wish I knew why some of my dyeing projects become so tangled!

So, there it is: proof that I do still knit, read about knitting and dye some of my own knitting yarn! LOL


  1. Knitting is still the rock we go to for refuge....beautiful work you have on the needles. I did a scarf like that years ago and while it looks great, it is less than thrilling to knit! How are you working the top of the socks? Just ribbing would be fine.

  2. Love the scarf. I totally understand about making more effort than rib to make something that looks just like rib :) I haven't tried socks yet but will one day. I read some older posts and was sad to read that your father in law died recently. I hope that your grieving is not too difficult.
    Your header intro promised patchwork. I look forward to you sharing some patchwork projects in the future.

  3. ooh great books. Isn't getting knitting books in the mail a wonderful thing???

  4. Love the proof, keep it up!


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