Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Caring Hearts Quilting Group

On Saturday and Sunday, a quilt exhibition was held in the grounds of the local museum. All the quilts on display were the work of members of the Caring Hands Quilting Group. They meet once a month to make quilts which they then donate to charity.

DD and I arrived at about 2:30pm on Sunday. We had wandered slowly past about half the quilts in the exhibition when it began to rain. Suddenly all the quilts were being whipped off the fences, the old farm machinery and other display items.

We were quite disappointed - not because they moved the precious quilts out of the rain, but because they then began to pack up. The exhibition was published as being open from 12pm to 4pm - so anyone arriving later than we had was "out of luck".

It was just as well that we had wandered around to the quilts out in the open first, then were working our way back to entrance near the main building. We did get to see most of the other quilts because they were hanging under the verandas of the main building.
The museum building was originally an inn on the old coach route and is built in a style typical of its time: a long low building with verandas all the way around.
On our way in, we saw an "I Spy" quilt; the attached sign said "complete kit available - $35".

a photo of a photo of the quilt on display

Now, I'm an inexperienced quilter but that seemed like a good price to me. I also know it would take me a long time to collect all the fabrics needed for an "I Spy" quilt. Really, only very small patches are needed and a lot of fabric could be "wasted".

So, I went to the sales tent. I asked about the kit. I got a printed pattern, all the fabrics to make the quilt and a plastic container to keep them all together.

I may be naive but I was surprised when she gave me the kit in the plastic container
inside the container - precut fabric squares, a green inner border, a bright print for the outer border and a "pattern"
the precut squares
the fabric for the outer border - so bright and cheery
It was only after I bought it that it occurred to me that there may have been only one kit available - and I got it just as they were closing!

I think DD and I have been hooked!


  1. Awesome score there Lynne! Well done. Shame about missing the quilt display though, maybe there had not been many people through and they were making the most of the rain as an excuse to pack up. Shame though.

  2. Great find on the I Spy quilt! Can't wait to see it pieced! Yup, you have taken the quilt bug bait, hook , line and sinker! Welcome aboard!

  3. Wow you got a bargain Lynne. I really love quilts and once even made 3 basic square ones for my daughters, but I would so love one of those more intricate ones

  4. you totally are hooked. Lovely to see.


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