Thursday 31 March 2011

March Mystery 220

image titleI finished it!

I finished it on 29th March.

I knitted clues 2, 3 and 4 and completed the finishing (clue 5) in one day.

I made an i-cord for the first time.

I wish I had used a single coloured yarn - the pattern gets a little lost in this yarn.

It's a bit big for me but the beauty of charity knitting is it will fit someone!

Presenting, for your viewing pleasure, Liffey (Rav link), by Iryna Klionava.

To be honest, I would never have chosen to knit this hat - it's way too fussy for my ususal choice. I want quick knits because the faster I finish the project, the sooner I can get on to another. This suits my need for variety and gives more items to the needy.

However, the detail in this hat is gorgeous, especially the decreases around the crown. Check the Rav link to see them better.


  1. You did it! Just beautiful! So glad you got it doine in time! Are you going to do the mystery for April?! Nice job on the knitting....

  2. That is a pretty pattern, love to see it one colour. I have not yet knitted and i-cord. Thank goodness for charity knitting, it fits my need to try patterns too :-)

  3. oh i love it! Love love love a leaf motif!

  4. Oh, that stitch pattern is so so lovely. Such a pretty hat.


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