Monday 5 April 2010

Quilting Adventures in Knitterland
a side project (a.k.a. Project 1a)

With the strips that were left over from the floor quilt (Project 1), DD began what was to have been a drawstring bag. She then realise that it was almost the right size to cover the change table that is attached to the portable cot. The change table is that most-easy-to-clean fabric - plastic; practical but oh so cold on bare bottoms in winter and 'sticky' in summer.

So, the drawstring bag became a change mat. Some ripping of seams took place to move some strips, slightly wider borders were added and a backing fabric chosen (DD and SIL love ducks). The stripped top was sewn to the flannelette backing just as one would sew a drawstring bag (with only four inches left open at the top for turning it in the right way) and voila! One change mat.

Now it just needs to be quilted (so it doesn't become misshapen in the wash) and it will be done. The quilting marks seen above have been removed - it will now be quilted diagonally between the rows of ducks on the flannelette backing.

What a lovely Easter project. DD is quite proud of herself!


  1. That's a great idea - cute and practical!

  2. A good idea, much nicer than plastic to lie on and easy to wash.

  3. And so it begins-the changing mat is perfect! Great sewing!

  4. Very cute! Those ducks are adorable too.

  5. I love the colors! Very cheery and spring-like :)


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