Monday 29 March 2010

Tunisian blocks

At our last Guild meeting, we had a workshop about Tunisan crochet (aka Afghan stitch or tricot). I have finally got the hang of it and can now make my pieces with straight edges. Of the four stitches I was shown, I prefer the look of one where loops are made through the front of the previous stitch. So, what to do with the small swatch I began in the workshop (mistakes and wonky edges and all)? Turn it into a patchwork block, what else?

So here is my first square (blocking); the red in the centre is my beginning piece; the bottom edge of the centre square is my original cast on. You can see I had trouble keeping the edges straight (just like any beginner knitter!). Picking up the stitches around the piece was also tricky. I decided to push forward despite the wonkiness (this method of crochet is very slow for me) but now that it's blocked I wish I hadn't! Ah, well, we live and learn, don't we? At least I won't have to live with it - the finished blanket will eventually go to Wrap With Love.

The pattern for the block is taken from a tutorial on Elizabeth Hartman's website, Oh Fransson. If you are into patchwork, especially if you're a beginner like me, there are two great tutorials on the site: one for making a Modern Sampler Quilt, the other for making a Paintbox Quilt. This block is used in both quilts; in fact, it's the basis for the Paintbox Quilt. Thanks, Elizabeth, for making all these patterns and the tutorials available for free.

I always knew that patterns for quilting would work in knitting or crochet! LOL


  1. Ooh I learned tunisian crochet once and loved it! It was long before I knew to find stuff on the net and so I never really knew what to make out of it. I bet if I google it now the world will open up again! Thanks Lynne!

  2. This doesn't disqualify you from the quilting ranks you know! Very nice block-it is great to learn new skills!

  3. The last line of your post shows you are a knitter at heart, no matter how many quilts you make!

  4. Love how it got neater and tidier as you went on, such a little effort to see improvement so quickly! How many more blocks are you going to make???


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