Friday, 3 July 2009

Winter of Textured Knitting
- June wrap up

This month's wrap-up from our Winter of Textured Knits comes to you through a variety of fibre-related crafts: knitting, crocheting, weaving and quilting. Enjoy!!

Sorry this photo from Rell's blog is so small - there was nothing I could do with it.
Knitter Sue finished her 19th object for this year.

Carol hasn't had much time for knitting - between work, a photography course, life in general and making this

I have lightened this photo of Paisley Womble's knitting: all the better to see the texture!
And how's this for amazing texture? [I want what she made!!]

RoseRed is using her enforced retirement to make pretty things...

...and useful gifts

Could our RoseRed be just a little competitive? Read the story here and decide for yourself! LOL

The June Long Weekend saw Bells working on this

That left her the rest of the months to finish these

...and these

Jan has been making new friends and staying warm over at Pass the Slipped Stitch Over:

This is pretty [lace is textured too]

And this is amazing: Susan had a very busy knitting month [where does she find the time?].
We saw this unblocked last month:

Here's something little:

and something Susan described as a "thingie":

And, the next three came from a post entitled Baby it's cowled outside; I wonder what they are?

Over in the States where it's not winter at all, Delighted Hands has not been well and busy wrangling her six month old kitten but still finding time for these items:

First a pretty FO

...and a pretty WIP

...too good to use:

...and weaving this:

and these made from plastic shopping bags [that's right folks, you heard me!]

Congratulations everyone; see you next month!


  1. My goodness everyone has been busy this month.

    I actually didn't expect mine to be textured.

  2. Thanks for coordinating all our projects, Lynne, it looks amazing all grouped together!

  3. Wow, so many amazing projects - knitting is so clever isn't it, that it can create so many textures.

  4. i love seeing these wrap ups - all the more because I know how time consuming they are and it's nice to see someone else's effort!

  5. Wow! thanks for sharing....:)

    Hopefully I'll be at the knitter guild this month. Can I still drop off the money to DH. Kids have been sick. Its been hard to get out of the house and then I have spent the money.

  6. Lots of lovely ideas here. Thanks for the collection Lynne. Tis month I've decide to put textured stuff all in one post, so I'm saving up a few bits and pieces till all is together.

  7. Such beautiful work everyone. And Lynne, I grafted the toes of one half of a pair of socks tonight, yay! I may even take a photograph for you, LOL

  8. Amazing work everyone. I've been such a slacker but it looks like everyone has more than made up for me and than some!


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