Monday, 4 May 2009

"Winter of Textured Knitting" round up: chute #2

[edited 4 May 7:30pm to add photo of Deniasha's "Wisteria"]

Down in Tasmania, Tinkingbell has completed a jacket with seed stitch trim. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a clear photo of the seed stitch so drop by Tink's blog to get a look at the jacket. Tinkingbell is also knitting a gathered pullover but I couldn't find any photo - sorry Tink!

Rell in Queensland [is it cold there yet?] is working on a secret project - all I could get was this: "a twisted left and right cable". Sure are pretty colours in that yarn, Rell.

Jocelyn, over in USA, isn't participating in the KAL but she left a comment saying that she was inspired "to start a little textured project of [her] own!" I'm inspired by these socks: both the colour and the pattern.

Delighted Hands, who also hails from USA, has rediscovered the joy of slip stitching to semi-disguise stripes.

Deniasha has been having some problems finding the perfect stitch pattern for some lovely homespun [by her sister] yarn. Before the Great Sock Saga she knitted Wisteria.Here is the photo she sent: we hope you can see the cables.

Knitter Sue knitted 53 items in 52 weeks last year; can she do even more this year. She's pretty much on track with these two items.

On 12th April [which by-the-way and totally-off-topic, happens to be DD's birthday] Lilypily was Smitten by Mittens. I love the colours in this yarn and can't wait to see the finished objects. BTW, LP, I hope you're OK; it's been a while since you posted.

In our last round-up, Paisley Womble had swatched for Hanne [isn't she a conscientious knitter?]. Here's part of the Finished Object for you to admire; go to Paisley Womble's blog to see the whole article. While you're there, check out some cute beanies and a gorgeous bookmark.

Finally, thanks to Bells [and, it seems, RoseRed] to inspire us all there is a new book on the market:


  1. Lots of texture!!! I'm wondering if I can find some room in my schedule now. It's all looking so good!

  2. OOh - sorry about that - I'll try to get a really good cable shot of the GP (and as soon as that is done I'm casting on the placed cable aran!)

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on Hobson's passing. I really miss him.

  3. Great blog posting-it looks wonderful all together!

  4. my 'texturing' has been crochet - does that count Lynne?
    2 bag/hats with front-post crochet cables.
    can I have an invitation to your art blog - want to see what you're up too!!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! Those socks definitely have some fun texture (and if I can ever get this stole off the ground, it should, too). I'll just keep coming here for inspiration -- everyone is knitting such beautiful things :)

  6. Thanks a million Lynne for putting up my less-than-perfect pics of the Wisteria. And also, as always, thanks for organizing this KAL!

  7. Okay Folks.

    I have just updated my blog with my textured knits.

    Unfortunately Dead Muppet scarves don't count :(

    Sorry about the photography, if anyone can help all comments will be taken on board


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