Sunday, 24 May 2009

K4C CotM April 2009

As a member of Knit4Charities [K4C], I had the privilege again this year of nominating Presbyterian Inland Mission as one of the Charities of the Month [CotM] for April. The P.I.M. was formerly known as Australian Inland Mission and was founded by John Flynn who also founded the Flying Doctor Service.

It was such fun when the parcels start arriving. I saved them up, DD came to visit and we opened them all and set them up to take photos. We counted all the items and re-packaged them ready to deliver to my contact who is also a member of the Blue Mountains branch of the Knitters' Guild of NSW.

This year we collected 209 items. My contact commented that she was surprised there were so many; she thought every one was knitting for the bushfire victims. So, thank you to my fellow members of K4C, Wendy [a non-member], my mum and DD - the donations were gratefully received and will soon be distributed to Aboriginal communities around the nation.

Here then, for your viewing pleasure:
the beanies, mitts, socks and scarves [and a lone knee rug]

the cardigans and jumpers [sweaters for my US friends]

and the other items that arrived after our first photography session!

I am looking forward to doing it all again next year. There truly is a blessing in giving!


  1. fantastic! Great effort from you all. Lovely!

  2. Wow, great work to collect and to contribute! Very nice.

  3. Oh, wow. What an amazing testament to the generosity of knitters. I know how much work it is to make something like that go, too! :)

  4. My Goodness. Such a fantastic effort by all who participated.
    would you like 2 cardigans, and a dead muppet scarves I have here.

  5. What a wonderful lot of loot for the Missions! Well done all ropund

    and I've just finished my second textured knitting jumper, so I'm feeling good!


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