Friday 1 May 2009

Bendigo Woollen Mills shade card

Finally, after emailing Bendigo last weekend, my shade card arrived yesterday! Some gorgeous colours - I want them all!!

PS Hope you like the new look here! The black background felt a bit too heavy for winter! I need to think thoughts of spring. Cold is my worst enemy! Tee-hee!


edited to remove the rest of the post; to all who did visit my 'additional' blog [thanks C], especally Delighted Hands, Bells and Lara who left comments, I have decided to remove the blog from the 'public domain' - I need it to be a "real" journal and already I've found myself editing my thoughts for public consumption. So, apologies if you were keen to go this journey with me; I'll try to remember to put any great revelations or productions on this blog instead!

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  1. Like the new blog colors! New blog?! You do just mean additional blog, right?!


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