Tuesday 28 April 2009

birthday gifts 2009

It was my birthday on Saturday and WM was a bit disappointed. He had been late in ordering books from the Book Depository in the United Kingdom and only one had arrived.

I think I'd like to make the wrap in the top left corner. It's done in filet crochet [a technique I've never tried]. You can see a bigger picture here; look under the "book" for the word copyright and click, you should get the page with the wrap.

Apparently I have three more books to wait for - my birthday will extend over several days I think!


  1. Happy Birthday for Saturday. How nice to extend it over a few days!

    Filet crochet is very easy (in my opinion!). Pretty much just trebles and chains. Good luck with the wrap.

  2. Happy Birthday on Saturday Lynne .have a wonderful day!

  3. Belated Happiest of Birthdays to you! Getting fiber related stuff from your beloved is proof 'you be loved'! :')

  4. Ooo what a Wonderful WM. You have a treasure, who knows just what to buy you.

    Lovely presents for a lovely lady.

    It may even extend to Mothers Day.

  5. happy birthday Lynne! I love extending birthday joy. We have good husbands, don't we?

    Filet crochet is great. No shaping!

  6. Happy birthday! And I must admit that I kind of like extended present receipt -- it's sort of fun to make the day last and savor each one as it comes :)

  7. Happy Birthday Lynne, I hope you had a good one!!!

    PS: The Book Depository is great, isn't it? Much cheaper than Amazon or Fishpond!

  8. A Happy Belated Birthday Lynne! May life only get better and sweeter with each passing day!

  9. happy belated birthday.
    May you live long !
    a .50 cal bullet having your name on it is a nice gift idea to present on a birthday.


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