Monday 20 April 2009

Bendigo shade cards

I had a phone call from my mum this evening. She received her shade card from Bendigo Woollen Mills today. She looked at it carefully; there were several more shades of the new Luxury yarn listed than coloured yarn samples. She counted again. Still wrong! So she called Bendigo.

The person who answered the phone was very nice. The cards are put together by hand and mum's had been put together wrongly. She promised to send mum a new shade card immediately. So, for all of you who've received your cards, please check them carefully and call Bendigo if you find an error.

I'm still waiting for mine - boo hoo!! I want to see the new Luxury yarn. :-(


  1. Isn't it great to touch and feel and really see the true colors......hope yours comes soon!

  2. the new Luxury is gorgeous - I got to smoosh some in knitted form yesterday and I'm off to BWM tomorrow. Judging from the aussie boards on ravelry, the stuff must be rushing out the door. Everyone LOVES it. Machine washable pure merino in a good range of colours.
    btw are you and Susan coming to Bendy in July?


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